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End/Beginning of Year Gigs, and Some Soup

This Friday 12/16 8pm - YOUR LIVINGROOM - Vance's Acoustic Pajama Party FREE!!! (or donations if you want) vancegilbert

Pajamas. I’ll be in mine. I will. Airplane bottoms and an airplane sweatshirt top and maybe a sleeping hat.  Get cozy. get a mug of something hot. Chips. Cookies. Whatever. I'll sing a nice long while. Then historically follows a “chat session” where I entertain questions about songwriting, poodles, aviation history - whatever you want!! And


1/1/17 Sun - Seekonk MA, Patti’s Place House Concerts 774-219-4548 (cell)
We love Patti. You will too. C’mon over to her house New Years Day!


1/7/17 Sat - Shirley, MA Bull Run Concert Series  978-425-4311 http://www.
**note that I'll be upstairs in one room and the great Brooks Williams will be in another room at this same location on the same night. I know, right? Don't ask me wtf they were thinking, but if you get sick of me, head to the other room to see him...I won't be offended, as he's one of the reason I play a steel stringed guitar with a pick! Brooks is brilliant, this same-space same-type-of-act same-night booking is silly, but there you have it.

——————————————————————————— —-

1/21/2017 - Saturday Uptown Concerts / Temple Isaiah, Fulton, MD 410-922-5210 day of show 443-540-0226

This is a show with Ellis Paul. Need I say more?


CD DEAL - You get all my available CDs (they’re in my basement - that’s 8 CDs)
signed and I throw in a brand new USB CD player (signed too). Cheap
COACHING - yes. The schedule is filling up again. Lemme know.

Other stuff -
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Here’s a page out of what may be a future Vance Cookbook:

Tired of people cussin' you out on Facebook? Misunderstanding your shid? Then try this soup I made Wednesday. Comforting as a mofo. One spoon of this and a cheek of your behind will just fall off at the kitchen table.

And check this out - 'Pending on the base you use and what you do or don’t sprinkle on top, this soup be vegan too. Impress your friends like you be cooking some hippie-assed soup or something.

Colored People Vegetarian Grilled Carrot Soup

("why do you have to inject color into everything?" in Cartman's voice. Oh Shuddup. Cause I have a mirror, sucker)

stock -
- leftover veggies, it don’t matter what (although onions and leeks are a hearty start)
- 1 large tablespoon of "better than bullion” (whole foods) or similar - the one I used was vegetarian
- 2 -3 cups water


- maybe like 2 lbs carrots
- 4 cloves garlic
- 2 - 3 cups apple cider
- bunch of parsley

Start the stock. Simmer till the leftover veggies are soft, add salt and pepper till you like the stock as is, but it be a little salty. Add the apple cider, reduce heat to nearly nothin. It don't need to boil. You know what simmer mean, right?

While you be doin this, wash and cut (I do NOT peel carrots - unnecessary if well washed) carrots and lay them out on a greased pan. Take the garlic cloves and cut them a little and just lay them on top the carrots for grilling too, cause they lonely. Grill/bake in the over @ 350 - 400 for , I don’t know, till carrots bubble and start to brown a teeny bit at the edges and garlic get all brown.

In a big ass pot, put stock and carrots in together and stir. Ladle out stuff into food processor or blender and blend him up, transferring into second pot. (Sorry bout the 2 pots and extra dishes). Once all is blended, put on stove on very low for like 15 minutes, stirring - no roiling boil. Add water, salt, pepper to taste. Make you partner clean that second pot. Sprinkle with sour cream, grated parm or Romano, or nothin, I ain’t gonna tell you what to do with it. It your soup now. Serve wit toast points or Saltines or whatever white people have with soup. That'll integrate the plate just nice.

Spoon that sucker into some bowls and eat it.