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15 Days Till InfinityDare CD Giveaway Show!!

Hi VanceFans!!,

16 days until InfinityDare Show, Norfolk CT 3/25  http://www.infinityhall. com/ about 1/2 way to the goal of 100 folks!!!! If you can’t come, (like you live in California or Raleigh or Gdansk or something) tell someone who can - I will be giving away CDs!!

Back on the road in 12 hours, tomorrow, Wed 3/8 & also Thu 3/9 with the Subdudes in Chicago, then Fri 3/10 & Sat 3/11 with Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes in Bevery MA and Plymouth NH respectively.


3/18 Ryebrook, NY Music At The Mansion

3/24 See Infinity stuff above

3/25 Needham, MA Homegrown Coffeehouse

4/1 Rochester, NY Cafe Veritas

I killed the West Coast. Thanks to all that showed at Freight & Salvage, podcast guest set with comedian host Jimmy Pardo, Lancaster CA w/Paul Reiser, and through THE SNOW to Mendocino CA.

Special shout-out to all you new California people that signed my mailing list too. I know, I know, I’m not out there very often, so why sign up? Well, everybody has a friend in Hartford, or New York City or Philly, right? Here’s your opportunity to:

1) call or email that friend and tell them “Vance be coming to your town - go see!!”

2) Be ready your own self for Vance coming to your own town!! Go See!!.

Thanks California