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Vance Gilbert - OH, NY, PA, and MAINE, and then a close look...somewhere...

Hey VanceFriendFans,


Thurday,6/13 Port Clinton, OH -
Friday, 6/14, Buffalo, NY - Baptist Manor Retirement Home - FREE - come..I play for the residents there- it’s a blast
Satday, 6/15 Pittsburghh, PA -
Sunday, 6/16 Croton-on-Hudson, NY
Satday 6/22 Brownfield, ME,
They gave me my own show!!!!

A Few Midweek Thoughts:

1) Sunday’s gig in Lincroft NJ was great, Kala Farnham was a wonderful opener playing piano, harp, and guitar the little talented as hell show-off, and afterwords I got to stay over with Pappa Pope uh, I mean Henry Deacon, uh, I mean Reverend Finer, uh, I mean The Brother From Another Planet, uh I mean my friend Joe Morton and his massively talented partner Christine Lietz. We stayed up, ate stuff, giggled at his awards shelf (which has an Emmy on it), and he cooked me breakfast in the morning before I drove home.
Yes Pappa Pope cooked me breakfast. Yes.

2) Me and award-winning Spotted Peccary New Age Recording Artist Tom Eaton, also producer and engineer and owner of Universal Noise Storage Recording Studios, embark on mastering my new album that I think I will call The Day Before November. There’s another picture there of the reference mastered CD omg and my knees go funny even having it here in my hands. Yes, It sounds amazing. This man’s ears have no bounds..
Artwork has commenced so if you still wanna donate to the cause, go to my website and see how - there’s a P.O. box and a PayPal site. Any amount gets your name on the CD cover. Poor Jane Hallman, my art director. She just loves these idea brainstorms that she then has to translate into real time art. Thanks Jane. Files to come soon.

3) Whomever on this great earth named this godless powershitting colonic death fluid GoLYTELY has a special place reserved in hell for themselves. Friday. I am notably weird on anesthesia. Friday...I’ll be loopy and poopy. TMI? sorry...

Coaching, private parties, custom hanging CD mobile construction upon request.