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Vance! Beacon NY, Harvard MA, Poodles, and Good Things

Monday Muse On A Tuesday - Here some good things:

~ RazorPoodle is fine. PneumoniaPoodle is recovering slowly. Look at his slightly renewed energy!! Yes we now go to a doggie chiropractor. Do not judge me.

~ You’ve probably heard of Joe Pass and his guitar playing with Ella Fitzgerald. This is “I quit” material. I have no other words.

~ I’m burying this third because my bestie Tom Hallman will be mortified that I draw any more attention to him and what he does for this rubber-band-powered model airplane hobby of ours. And most that know me know that I seldom mix my avocation with my vocation. But this is one of his outstanding start to finish videos of researching, planning, drawing, building, and then flying one of these creations. That’s not even considering his cinematographic prowess. Of note is not only his genius capabilities and his having been Grand Champion at our nationals maybe 6 -7 times, what is striking is his willingness to respond to even the most fledgling queries in the most loving and instructive manner - beyond the pale. As one commented, “That’s so good, I’m sharing it with my wife…”

I can’t even begin with the kudos. This is outreach at its best, no matter what discipline you attach yourself to. If while watching this you’re not feeling just a little zen and nhamyay hoe rengay koe (sp?) please head to a doctor and check for your pulse. Thanks for all you do, T.

~ I have a new song that has as its chorus:
"If you see you in these things
In even one or two of these things…"

~ The Southwest flight attendant on my Baltimore to Milwaukee leg last week who was both informative and had us crying with laughter. Favorite line - “You are in a 737 300 series, and not on a Scary 737Max, as all those planes are currently parked in the desert...” “I have yet to ask anyone to leave the plane for smoking at 30,000 feet, but I’m tired - please don’t try me...”

~ We’re coming up on final mixing for this album in the next few nights. Even I like how I’m singing on this thing. I hope you people like Country Blues, Celtic ballads, 70’s Smooth Magic 106 R&B, Acoustic Non-Denominational Gospel, Swing, and Spoken Word all in one place. Yeah you can any amount donate to such a cause and still get your name on the cd to boot. Go to for details.

~ I play here:

4/20 Beacon NY, w/Christine Lavin (I wuv her!)
4/27 Harvard MA,

Coaching, private parties, HotWheels car axel de-linting, all on request.

There are a bevy of sad things I could have posted, trust me. They’re out there. Let’s go with good - all of us - xovg