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Teaneck, NJ, then so much more!

Hey Ebbody!!

I’m Playing in Teaneck N.J. this Saturday!! The Isley Brothers are from here. Maybe they’ll come to my show. Or not. But it’ll be fun:

4/22 -

If you’re in NJ, NYC area, S.E. L.I. area, even southern CT is not a long drive, this’ll be a great place to catch me.

Oh, and Kirsten Maxwell opens. You should hear her...

Coming up:
4/29 - Pittsburg PA, Bikerman’s House Concert
(Lookit that interminable link!! It has to be fun!!)
5/6 - Yonkers NY,
5/19 - Iron Horse Northampton MA,
5/26 - 28 - Port Murray NJ,
5/20 - SpringGulch Festival New Holland PA,
6/3 - Morristown NJ,
6/4 - New Brunswick, NJ (w/Jay Leno) will have even more shows. Facebook too -

Peace, vance