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Me, Morristown, and then Jay Leno

Hi Folks!!

June is busting out with just a few shows, but they’re pretty big ones:

Sat June 3rd Morristown NJ, Center For Spiritual Living

It’s a benefit. Nice org of folks that just want people to be peaceful, forgiving, and such. I was asked to play by a friend, so I will.


Sun June 4th New Brunswick, NJ, NJ State Theatre w/Jay Leno

Jay Leno closes the show. (wink) I hope he remembers me - it’ll be my third time opening for The Square Jawed One


Hey, since June is kinda open, I’m kinda available for Last Minute Private Parties, dog care dependent. Gimmie a shout. Coaching too.


I hope this young lady doesn’t mind my putting this up. Names are changed to protect. It’s too lovely to keep to myself.If there’s any more indication that we touch other’s lives, this is certainly one near the top for me:

"You don't really know me but you knew someone who meant so, so much to me. Your music has been a part of who she is in my heart since she dragged me to your show downtown some 15+ years ago. I was just a bratty little 14/15 year old and was cranky that her and my dad were making me miss my absurd WB teen drama for the show. It ended up being one of my favorite memories. I wore a purple turtleneck and took a few pictures and you were doing the big and untamed​ hair look then. I found myself really enjoying it and only felt like I *might* die when you playfully poked fun at me from the stage. It was so long ago but it changed me and it helped begin shaping my relationship with my new step mother.

You went to her house a year or two ago and played for her and I was so happy that she got to experience something that meant so much to her. To me, she deserves everything. Anything and everything that could ever make her happy because she was that amazing of a person. She saved my life. Now, here I am, lost and scared because she's gone. A person who deserved the world had it taken from her instead. She never stopped treating me like family, even after she divorced my asshole of a father. I'm 9 months pregnant and she was supposed to be here to be proud of this baby like she always was with my first.

Sorry. Grief makes me ramble and forget my point.

She passed on Tuesday but went on hospice 7 weeks ago.

Since then, I've been terrified of listening to your music but I know it will absolutely crush me and force me to feel all the sadness and pain that is raging inside me.I put it on today. I don't have much but damn. It hurts. I've been shoving this down for weeks and trying to suffocate it since I got the news. Now, it's finally over taking me and as awful as it is, I know it's what I need. I don't know that anything else could break the shields I've been using these past few days. Thank you for being so special to my stepmother. Thank you for giving me a part of her to hold on to. Thank you for helping me grieve. If you come back to my town any time, I'll be there in a heartbeat."


I live another day. Thanks young lady...