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Vance’sAcousticPajamaParty #194 - EASY, QUIET NITE



When: Monday nite 1/29 7:30pm ET


WHO GETS 10% School On Wheels Massachusetts - Trains volunteers serve as personal tutors for hundreds of students. Children facing homelessness throughout the Commonwealth receive new backpacks and customized, grade-level books and school supplies.

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2/16 - NY, NY City Vineyard, A residency for me!! Guest - CRAIG AKIN ON BASS (he’ll even do a solo set with discussion)

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This is Terry. I call her “Mama”. She’s the widow/wife of an Old White Man “Dave”. He was a core Old White Man, like from my song, he’s the cover picture to that eponymous album, chosen father, mentor, teacher, ear, engineer, model plane enthusiast, genius “Pops”.

He knew so much engineering and history that Mama might be heard to say to him “I feel so dumb compared to how much you know”. Dave would laugh and shake his head and say "You can ready a roast, all the vegetables, pasta, dessert, temperatures, times, ingredients and make dinner for twelve people and everything comes out perfect, and do all of that in your head. How is that not engineering? Honey, how are you possibly dumb?”

And she is magnificently humored. I dropped by on my way home from a show in NJ and we just sat at her kitchen table and chatted and laughed. I know she spends time volunteering at the local hospital gift shop a few days a week, so I was happy to catch her. I know she plays cards with friends, but I really haven’t been past here but once since Covid. I was about to find out just how long that 3-1/2 years was since I last asked about the card games.

“Mama, what night is your card game night with your lady friends?”

“I don’t play cards with them anymore”

“Why?” I inquired.

“They’re all dead!!”

I did all I could to not laugh. She finally laughed. OMG I’m still laughing, even typing this.

That generation of women does more with a spatula than most of us do with science degrees of any stripe. Yeah, real dumb. Don’t hold off seeing that elderly person you love. They’d love to see you. And with any luck, one day they’ll be you.