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Vance’sAcousticPajamaParty #193 - NEIN AGENDA EVENING


When: Monday nite 1/22 7:30pm ET


WHO GETS 10+% - Who gets 10%: protects 38,000-plus- acres throughout Massachusetts, saving birds and other wildlife, making nature accessible to all.

Order the CD or pay for this web groovery via:  or  or
VanceFunder P.O. Box 17, Arlington, MA 02476.
Pay what you like


2/16 - NY, NY City Vineyard,  A residency for me!! Guest - CRAIG AKIN ON BASS (he’ll even do a solo set with discussion)

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~ PT hurts. Particularly that foam roller thingy. No human should roll off those no noppity nope no no.

~ “Water from that White water fountain never tasted different than the water from the Black water fountain”. Quote from Arlie Gilbert, my father, no need to ask if the theory was tested, ohhh he knew, I remain amazed he lived long enough to make me.

~ If you wonder what my mixed bag recording brain might have sounded like in the ’70’s listen to Leon Russell’s “Stop All That Jazz”. You bet there’s jazz on it. All kinds of stuff on it. And The Gap Band was the studio band for him!!

~ I had a good listen to the Ed Sheeran song that the Marvin Gaye/Ed Townsend estates claimed he infringed upon, and it proves that whomever's left in those families presenting the suit surely don’t have 10% the music sensibilities and ears that Marvin did. You wanna spend precious time, energy and money to sue somebody? Sue Spotify or one of those services that pay nearly zed to ALL musicians.

~ I dropped a dollop of almond butter on this keyboard. How do I clean it? Do i take a picture of the keyboard, remove all of the keys, do the damp cloth thing, and then reassemble?

~ Why is it that Jet Blue’s Flyfy Wifi only works about 40% of the time?

~ Here’s how it happened. When Shawn Colvin sang Warren Zevon's "Tenderness On The Block” on her 1992 "Fat City" North American tour (which I opened), she thought it’d be great to have the shadow vocal “Find true looooooove” sung during the out chorus. We discussed it, but it just seemed weird to have me on stage for the whole song just to do that. So one night she did the tune and I just up and sang it from the audience, because i *never* missed her set. After a while she’d just point to where she thought I’d be, and there I’d go.

~ Bill Withers’ “Use Me - the break where it’s just the drums and Bill singing “I’m gonna spread the news that if it ...till you use me up”? Listen really really closely and you can hear the bass line playing either thru headphone bleed or drum mic bleed - telling me that that was a mixing choice and not an instrumental arrangement one. Still rocks.

~ Key West, your city, food, music, chickens just walking around in the street, just wonderful.

~ Key West, your airport. Oh man. Did y’all just quit in 1967 and say “That’s enough - it’s hot, we’ll fix and clean it in 2026”?

~ That friggin foam roller thing hurts like that check from Spotify, yes it does.