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Vance's Birthday, NY, VA, OH, NH, NC, TX, dates, a story, and a CD HolidayOrNow Gift Deal

Hi VanceFans!!

It’s my birthday today.

Thank you.

Today I:

1) danced in the kitchen to Earth, Wind, and Fire at 10am in my pajamas,
2) got a magnificent flannel shirt. Muted plaid. Fleece lined. Hidden pockets,
3) had pho,
4) was handed a bag of teriyaki wings through my screen door by my neighbor,
5) was told a story by another nurse neighbor how she just today had to grease a kid head to toe to extract said child from the monkey bars at school. Other teachers, with serious incredulity asked “Is that something they taught you in nursing school?” I nearly choked on the chicken wing I was eating in the front yard when she came by…..OMG…..I was eating chicken wings in my yard? I’m a walking talking racistereotype (I made that word up!!)!!

Here’s what’s coming up -

10/14, Schenectady NY -

It’s my Schenectady Birthday Show. In the round - a great space.

10/27, 10/28, 10/29 Harrison VA, Richmond VA, Hamilton OH -http://www.themilkcartonkids. com/?page=tour

It’s my Birthday Milk Carton Kids Tour. No gifts please. OK, little appropriate ones.

11/5, Nashua, NH - Simple Gifts Coffeehouse -

It’s been since 2012. Love these folks!

11/11, Durham, NC -

Never played here. Co-housing. Sounds very very share-ish. OK, I’m in!

11/12, Fredericksburg, VA - A. Smith Bowman Distillery -

Never played here either. Sounds very, very distillie. OK, I’m in!!

11/13, Blacksburg, VA - P. Buckley Moss Gallery -

House concert with folks I adore. Dale and his lovely wife Deborah will host me, and they are the greatest folks. Please come.

Then 11/18 Austin TX, 11/26 West Hartford, December YOUR SNHP (Short Notice Holiday Party - 5th year for some folks!!)



Got a computer without a CD player?
Got a younger kid, grad student, college, newly working, etc. that you want to turn on to Vance’s stuff?
No way to play Vance's CDs?

Have I got a deal for you!!

Buy 4 Vance Gilbert CDs and get a free, signed USB CD player for like $70

Just email your order to me and I’ll send along, postage paid:

~ (you choose 1)
Nearness Of You
Bad Dog Buffet
Old White Men

~ (you choose 3)
Angels Castles Covers
Unfamiliar Moon
one thru fourteen
Somerville Live
Up On Rockfield

~ 1 free, signed, USB CD player.

You just wrap these things up, add a bow, and a card (hell, if you ask nice I’ll supply the card...), drop that sucker into the stocking or lay it out all fanned next to the menorah or just send them along. Look, the older CDs have been “unwarehoused” and are actually now in the back of my basement and I need room to put the extra chairs that her mom left us that need caning… never mind all that!
It’s a good deal!!

Order here:

happyy birthday to me, more stuff at, and peace to us all….xovg