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VanccceFaaans! Oct. 8 Passim, Paul Reiser, Milk Carton Kids openers

Hi VanceFans!

It’s 18 days till Club Passim - my home show. Tix are moving fast, yeah it’s not far from selling out…

And look at the other cool places I’m be playing all at with other cool folks too:

9/22 Ada, OK (w/Paul Reiser) -

Love Paul. Drive from far away and I’ll just give you a CD
9/24 Paris, TX -

Can’t wait to play here! First time, but c’mon Dallas area peeps!!
9/29 New London, NH -…/upcoming-concerts.html

I’ve played here many times and I call it my North of Boston home…
10/1 Irvington, NY -

Benefit for Alzheimer’s - we all cover tunes done by Linda Ronstadt! Me, Abbie Gardner, Matt Nakoa, Steve Addabo, many others.
10/7 Columbus, OH -

I haven’t been here for years. I can’t wait! The fun, wild screaming in the background will be my godchild Maria. She’s brilliant, has CP, and screams from her wheelchair when she hears *her song* from Uncle Vance. Which is pretty much 3/4’s of them. You’ll get used to it. Just come
10/8 Cambridge, MA - BIRTHDAY WEEK (ok, it’s the 11th, but still…) SHOW

Kaia Kater opens. Rolling Stone says of her: “...plaintive, mesmerizing ... writes and performs with the skill of a folk-circuit veteran…”. Why is she opening my show then? Because 1) *you* haven’t heard her and 2) she was once a student of mine!!

10/14 Schenectady NY -

This is the coolest place - an indoor ampitheatre!

10/27, 10/28, 10/29 Harrison VA, Richmond VA, Hamilton OH -

This speaks for itself. They asked me. Milk Carton Kids. Cereal Box Homeboy. Yeah, this is heaven made I’d say...


2 performance, voice, songwriting coaching spots available - reply here and I’ll get back to you

Saying for today:

“Just because your cat had kittens in the laundry basket, it don’t make them socks…”

Protest, argue, listen, fix, care, love.

I love me. So should you.