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A Vance Message From A Lawnchair ... 2MD, 1 Western MA

Hi There VanceFanz,

I'm actually on vacation, typing this from a lawn chair that has a cup holder and an awning! There's rootbeer (it *should* be one word) involved, model airplanes flying overhead, and that's all you need to know.

Ok...there's more you need to know -  I played a festival last week where both Gordon Lightfoot and the Milk Carton Kids approached me with kudos re: my small mainstage set (breathes on fingertips, buffs nails on lapel)...

Look here - about the model airplane thing. Those that know me well also know that I seldom mix my vocation and avocation. That does not mean I never mix them. Google my full name and Jenny, Nene, or Flamingo if there is any interest in what I'm about. Then you can contact me about what you see. We can chat.

Questions? Come to the three shows listed below as there will be a mess of brethren littering each that will help explain what I'm on about.

7/21  Baldwin’s Station, Sykesville MD

Hey you new people from the Subdudes shows - here’s your chance - see me on my lonesome!

------------------------------ ---

7/22  Stoltz at the Avalon Theatre, Easton MD

Another chance for you new Subdudes fans that liked me, and if this room had a cheek I'd pinch it, that's how intimate and cute it are!!

------------------------------ --

7/23  Guthrie Center, Great Barrington MA

Then I drive to Western MA? from MD? Seriously? Who *IS* this agent? This is my summer Western MA yearly appearance, and it tends to nearly sell out. One of my homes...

.............................. ............

Other gigsworthy showstuff:

Aug 5, 6, 7 Falcon Ridge Folk Festival - ….like coming home...

Aug 12, 13 Craigville Retreat Center craigville-retreat-center ... songwriting camp with Ellis Paul on Cape Cod

Happy Summer,

Wish You Flew

Model Planes Too