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Early April Doings...and Beyond!

Hi All,

Last Saturday at the Iron Horse was wonderful - a decent turnout even tho it was smack in the middle of a double religious weekend. Get this - The wait and bar staff wore homemade t-shirts with quotable one-liners form many of my songs. After all they see there musically throughout the year, that kind of love and dedication is pretty unparalleled. Thanks, folks.

I know these mailers have been frequent of late. Here's the last 2 gigs for like 30 days or so, so I won't bug you again for a while.... If you don't live near eastern Connecticut or near Boston, tell someone who does, will you?

4/5 Old Saybrook CT - The Katherine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center

Friday, April 5, 2013
The Katharine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center
300 Main Street
Old Saybrook, CT

This will be time #2 at this lovely theatre. I'm not much of a draw here, but you'll help with that - I have a good feeling about the turnout for this show. Tell you what - come to this show and we'll have a Name Your Own Price nite for CDs. Yep. Pay whatever you want for CDs - 'tween $5 and $20 each, and I'll make deals if you grab more than one. Oh hell, just come take them if times are really hard for you...just come to the dang show...

4/6 Needham MA - The Homegrown Coffeehouse

Saturday, April 6, 2013  
Homegrown Coffeehouse
First Parish Unitarian Church
23 Dedham Avenue
Needham, MA

This coffeehouse was always right around the corner from a hobby shop I frequented 28 years ago. I'd see the sign, and say to myself "...Someday...". Almost 30 years later, gee, I think I've played it easily 7 - 8 times... I love this place.

Other Stuff:

1) Welcome Spring Party:

Four more of these have rolled in since I last posted. Let me be your reason to have a Welcome Spring Party. You may opt to donate part of the payment to a benefit or a cause, or just have the party outright, I'll work with you on that. I will travel. Contact my office, or 617-834-5985 to book your April, May, or June date...

2) Teaching & Coaching:

Got a mess of new students from the last mailing, and my Wednesday schedule is filling up. I can help you with any part of your singing songwriting package: voice lessons, songwriting coaching, stagecraft, guitar stuff, any and all parts! Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, drop-in slots available. Any and all levels welcome. Welcome aboard new students Toni, Penni, and Dan. Contact me at or 617-834-5985 to git chew a slot!

Till I see you, Pacem all the way 'round............Vance