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Vance Gilbert New York Threwway and Spring Schedule Stuuff

Hi All

2 of my favorite New York shows coming up the next two weekends:

East ...
3/ 9 Saturday, White Plains NY - Walkabout Clearwater Coffeehouse

Saturday, March 9, 2013  
Asbury Hall
Walkabout Clearwater Coffeehouse
250 Bryant Avenue
White Plains, NY

Like I said before, I call this the Pete Seeger Coffeehouse. I love this place

West ...
3/16 Saturday, Williamsburg NY - Buffalo Friends Of Folk Music

Saturday, March 16, 2013  
Buffalo Friends Of Folk Music
Village Meeting House
5658 Main Street
Williamsville, NY

The other favorite New York State coffeehouse. I got the state all covered. I love this place!

3/22 Friday, Meriden NH - Kimball Union Academy  

Friday, March 22, 2013  
4pm, 7:00pm
Meriden, NH
Flickinger Art Center
57 Main Street
Meriden, NH

Mostly for students, but the evening gig is quite intimate and quite open to the public. Call 'em up for details.

3/30 Saturday, Northampton MA - The Iron Horse (details)

Saturday, March 30, 2013  
Iron Horse
20 Center Street
Northampton, MA

Like Dave Carter sings: "This is my home...this is my only home..." - that's the Iron Horse to me. Come issue in Spring Equinox and Easter Eve with me before you run off to have chocolate bunnies and dyed boiled eggs.

4/5 Old Saybrook CT - The Katherine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center (details)

Saturday, March 30, 2013  
Iron Horse
20 Center Street
Northampton, MA

This is a wonderful theater, however, I'm not much of a draw here. Yet. Can I get a little help? Tell you what - come to this show and we'll have a Name Your Own Price nite for CDs. Yep. Pay whatever you want for CDs - 'tween $7 and $20 each, and I'll make deals if you grab more than one.

4/6 Needham MA - The Homegrown Coffeehouse (details)

Saturday, April 6, 2013  
Homegrown Coffeehouse
23 Dedham Avenue
Needham, MA

This coffeehouse was always right around the corner from a hobby shop I frequented 28 years ago. I'd see the sign, and say to myself "...Someday..." Almost 30 years later, gee, I think I've played it easily 7-8 times... I love this place

Then I was to take a Springtime Sabbatical, but thanks to popular demand, see below...

Spring Schedule Stuff

So I looked at her and I said,"Look, my agent arranged it so my schedule is pretty open April through June! I can work on hobby stuff around the house, write the last few songs for my album around the house, be Mr. DIY around the house..." she stopped me in mid-sentence with "Please, please, get out of this house...go find some other work"...


1) Welcome Spring Sequester Party

Many folks didn't get to book me for their holiday party this winter season, as there were only so many days in the month!! So sure, let's extend the holiday party thing! Let me be your reason to have a Welcome Spring Party. You may opt to donate part of the payment to a benefit or a cause, or just have the party outright, I'll work with you on that. I will travel. Contact my office at or 617-834-5985 to book your April, May, or June date...

2) Performance Coaching, Songwriting, Guitar, & Voice Lessons

It's time to let folks know I'm doing it officially: I have been coaching unannounced for 3 years now, which lead to a full Wednesday schedule. Now, for these three months, I will open up the teaching office for Wednesday, Thursday, and other days by appointment. I currently have 9 active students. Wanna be one? Contact my office at or 617-834-5985. This opportunity works best in and around the Boston/Cambridge area, particularly if you can come to me, but I will travel, for a premium..

See you somewhere,




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