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Look at Vance all Californiated, then NH, CT, and PHILLY

Hey VanceFan!

Here’s where I’ll be:

Thursday 10/24 Mendocino, CA Private House Concert - email Lorie at for details

Saturday 10/26 Thousand Oaks, CA Scherr Forum Theatre Opening for Paul Reiser!!

Sunday 10/27, Los Angeles - House Concert Mar Vista/West LA, over near Everglade street - shake Mary Beth’s tree at

Upcoming - Flying Goose Pub NH 11/7, Granby CT 11/15, and World Cafe Philly 11/22


Stuff -

December Private Holiday Parties are getting booked up. 12/8, 12/16, and 12/20 are gone, 3 more pending. You better get you a date and soon. You’ll love me.

Aforementioned Holiday Parties, coaching of songwriting, performance, voice, BBQ chicken wing testing available upon request.

The CD “Good Good Man” is here, officially released Jan 20th (streaming and download then too). But sure, you can get you one.
• From me at a show
• From me directly - via PayPal to
• From me directly via check for anything between $10 - $20 and up to Vancefunder P.O. Box 17 Arlington, MA 02476
• **If your name is on the CD, you’re a friend, family member, promoter, radio/podcast personage, cash strapped, or anyone else that thinks they should just have one, send me your address again and Seriously, just ask for one and I’ll send it.**


Well, I took the money you gifted me to make this CD. It’s the least I can do.

You folks donated to the Vancefunder to the tune of about $40,000. I am told how absurdly, insanely successful and great that is considering I didn’t use a fund-raising platform outside of this list, Facebook, and Instagram. Whilst in the long run there is no accounting for taste, to begin to thank people for seeing something in what I do enough to fund my artistic efforts is extra-planetary.

•16K of that to make the album, divvied up between studio time, musicians, mastering (the part where we select the order of tunes and balance stuff out), and 3 Chinese meals. Yes, wings were involved in at least two of those meals
• 5K went to making the video. You’ll see that around album release time
• $500 was artwork
• Pressing of the album and postage/sending stuff to promo people I paid for myself.
• 4K - Biff Kennedy as project manager is about 500/month,
• 9K for publicity for 3+ months of work. That begins in a week or so for projected 1/20/2020 release
• 5K is left for radio promo
• 1K for postage and office stuff for the radio, promo, and project management side of things.

Thank you.


Dear Sir,

I hope when and if I am ever in the position and station to peek out the backstage curtain and see my audience roused to their feet at the end of that evening's opening act’s set, that I have the grace, wherewithal, sense of mentorship, and guts to up my game, level my ego, and to take that hungry, fledgling artist and give them a steady place to shine as someone once did for you.

Dear Promoter,

We’ve been friends a long time, but for you to actually call me and thank me for the new CD, still in the recycled envelope, before you’ve even contemplated playing it, speaks clearly to the reason why everyone loves to work for you.

Dear Roscoe,

That you were unconscious of a God that gave you 13 years to love unconditionally and then leave those around you to forever rightfully question in the midst of their greatest heartbreak, the very existence of a injudicious God that would cram that much love in 4,745 days of being, leaves me in jealous awe.

Love to you all,



Lastly, these rubber powered model plane videos by my artist friend Tom Hallman seem to be a hit. Here’s another one of mine in Tom’s video and visual talent crosshairs: