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Vance Muses About the Isley Brothers, Model Planes, Texas, Baton Rouge, and Boston

Hi VanceFans!!

I had a great weekend so now I'm just telling you all my bizness... don't you just love a dose of inconsequential-to-you good news?;

~ Last Friday night at the UU Church Winchester MA was a fabulous nite for me. Thanks you folks for the great Chinese food too. And thanks for everyone that took the encore with me.

~ Ernie Isley's drums and guitar and arranging on "The Heat Is On" album by the Isley brothers rivals any one else's one-musician-does-it-all production vibe, and I mean Todd Rundgren, Stevie Wonder, Prince, and Lenny Kravitz inclusive. Not folk for sure (although the acoustic guitars on the rest of this tour de force album from 1975 were a "way in" for me and acoustic music) so I apologize/warn you ahead of time:

Drums to a click, then the band, then the vocals by his brothers, then the guitar solo...dear lord...Jimi Hendrix was in the Isley Brothers for a short stretch, and this decade younger Ernie was watching from the wings, don't you think?

~ The movie "The Train" with Burt Lancaster (1965) just blew me away. War movie fans, train fans, art house movie fans...why haven't I heard of this movie before? Nazis load a train with French art pieces, French train engineers with help of the resistance do stuff. B&W, tense, intriguing...

~ nice long model aircraft parts sanding session in the basement this weekend for those fans wondering about my hobby activities. It was a wing-sanding miniature radiator-making party..I’m so happily covered in balsa dust and green paint!!


Here's what happens later this week - I think gumbo and barbecue will be involved for the first two daytes this week:

3/23 Conroe, TX
3/24 Baton Rouge, LA Red Dragon Listening Room

Coaching of the voice, performance, writing of your songs, reptile removal, private parties, just contact me,