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Vance in May - New Hampshire anyone?

Hi VanceFans:

5/11 - Moorestown, NJ -
SOLD OUT (it don’t hurt to call anyway and see tho INFO: 856-235-6488)

5/12 - Nashua, NH -
INFO: 603 320-7751

5/16 -5/23 Telluride, CO -
w/Mike Posner and friends (applications closed, but still a cool thing I’m doing)

The rest of May is some VanceTime - those that know me more intimately know where I am (in the basement) and what I’m doing. If you have to ask, the outcome of these forays into the nether regions of my house can be seen here:

I usually don’t mix my vocation and avocation on the same page here. But if you’ve ever wondered the impetus for Icarus By Night or Old White Men, then I'm justified in putting this stuff here.

Plus your interest is appreciated, for as time slips by there are less and less of us hands-on men and women that do this Rubber Band Powered Model Airplane Hobby. I’d like it to be known. My pulpit is not particularly large, but I am in at least a sub-marginal position to bring the beauty and wonder of this activity to you. Thanks for looking. Thanks too for the career that allows me the solo time to pursue this great pursuit of quiet flight.

I’lll be getting to work on a new album mid-late summer. I’ll be asking for 3 donating groups of money:

~ Group 1 will be Exec Producers i.e. people who will give $1000 and up to the cause. I have 3 so far, thanks Dan and Carol and Anonymous. You get Exec Producer listing on the music.
~ Group 2 will be all of you on this mailing list. Whatever you like and your name will be listed on the CD/LP/thumbdrive liner notes. $5 to $999 or whatever
~ Group 3 will be the public at large through some funding apparatus.

At least I think that’s how it will go.

This album will be way, way acoustic, and a great portion of the $$ will be put towards radio promotion and getting it “out there”. There’ll be plenty of clout via guest appearances too, I think. I have ideas for and tentative “OK, I’ll play!!” from - ready for this? - Abbie Gardner (Red Molly), Tommy Malone (the Subdudes), and Chris Smither (his foot). We’ll see.

Still coaching, teaching, private party playing, and such. Just lemme know.