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Vance’sMondayAcousticPajamaParty #151 - THE LATE LATE SHOW wherever you are

I’ll be on the road in Canadia, but I’ll play a late one for night owls FROM MY PHONE!!!! Early risers you can repeat play if you wanna ❤️

When: Monday nite 3/20, 10:30pm ET


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BOBBY CALDWELL (1951 - 2023)

It always hurts when a musician that was a part of the fabric of my very upbringing passes. This one cuts for reasons that might surprise you. Click on the link for the smooth jazz/mid-disco era hit "What You Wont Do For Love”

Yeah, we’ve all heard it. The groove is relentless. The horns. 5 chords. His vocals are soul flawless. It’s pretty perfect slow-burn Pop/R&B And I don’t mean to pigeon-hole anyone, but it’s probably not the top playlist item for most folk fans. But it’s big for me.

I love that he played guitar with Little Richard
I love how Bobby played any of the instruments in concert, but played keyboards and bass on his hit.
I love the surprise in how the evocative lyric is not a girl/boy bump&grind, but about venerating the endless love of a guru.
I love how the record company didn’t release a photo of the artist until he was about to tour.
I love the story of him opening a Natalie Cole tour, in Detroit no less, and stepping out on the stage as the song started, and the predominately Black audience gaping and gasping at Bobby Caldwell being a scrawny White guy in a suit.

I love the story about how he crushed it.

I love stereotype breaking in all of its forms.

Like when I do a handful of Celtic tunes in a set.
Like how Liam Spain of the Clancy Brothers family loves what I do and hires me to play his theatre.
Like years ago me at dinner with June Tabor, her giggling at my translation of Olde English in her a cappella version of “Pull Down Lads”

Sure, for years in my upbringing, “You can do anything“ was great lip service with the world quietly and surreptitiously still saying “stay in your lane”. Hell, I didn't know what a Tuskegee Airman was until 1986.

Thanks Average White Band, Living Colour, Charley Pride, Amy Winehouse, Marian Anderson, for risking being called appropriators and doing music that was not typical of your lane, and rewriting the story.

Thanks Bobby Caldwell.