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Vance’sMondayAcousticPajamaParty #144 - SOME COUNTRY-ISH TUNES ADDED

When: Monday nite 1/30/23, 7:30ET (doors open @7 for community hang)


Who gets 10%: For over 45 years Minuteman Senior Services has been helping older and disabled adults age with independence and dignity in the setting of their choice which is most often their own homes and communities. or or
VanceFunder P.O. Box 17,
Arlington, MA 02476 for this web-groovery.
Pay or not, up to you. Let’s stay connected.

Congrats Ann Leinert being the first to purchase a CD!! (they’re not here yet. She’s just excited!!)
Did you donate? Great!! Want a CD? That’ll cost you at least postage, as **YOUR DONATION DOES NOT = AUTOMATIC CD TO YOU**, as the taxes would massacre me. So go on and buy the CD for at least $5 and thanks. Or I can give it to you for free if you ask.


To spice up my jogs this week I put on Beyonce’s 2022 album Renaissance. Pretty masterful R&B, the language is blue (although there are PG versions of many of the tunes). I was so taken by her song "Cuff It”, as it sounded like Nile Rogers’ trademark guitar from Le Chic - disco band from the 70’s - that the youthful producer Raphael Saadiq was copping on his guitar. Turns out it *was indeed* Nile Rogers hisself, and that I did smell mothballs!! Listen to the original (don’t get prudish on me...) for context.

Continuing a recent tradition of song rewrites, here’s a version of Beyonce’s jam for, umm folks my age +:


I feel like fallin' in love
But I’m afraid I’ll mess somethin' up
I need my two-handled cup
Hey (pour me a drink)
I’m in the mood to just mess things up

I need my prescription
I think I’ve gone missin’
A silver alert wouldn’t hurt did I get on top of you?

We gonna wake up tonite,
You betcha that’s right
I’ll set a clock for 10:45
(Set a clock set a clock set a clock)

Ouch that's too far
I’m seeing stars
I’ll try to elevate
Help me back in the bed this falling in love?
I’ll probably mess something up

Hey, when did we paint these walls?
I like the crown moulding
And I’m quite fond of the mauve
Eww I’m sorry - I’ll clean that up


Oh my goodness
Was that erotic?
I need to take
My probiotic
Seen my shoes?
Brand new orthotics
Don’t squeeze that!
Oh I didn’t let you know?
It’ll come off in your hand for sho'

I don’t mind, I don’t mind
But we don’t have much time
I’m coughing, coughing coughing baby
Smack me tween my shoulder bladeys
When’d I take that Tylenol?

Cause I’m gonna mess up this night
Cough it up cough it up