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Vance’sMondayNightAcousticPajamaParty#35 FLYING, THE SKY, AND STUFF IN IT

Vance’sMondayNightAcousticPajamaParty#35 FLYING, THE SKY, AND STUFF IN IT


When: Monday Nite, November 16th 7:30PM EDT (“doors” open at 7 for community hang) -

Who gets 10%: Deb looked up over her glasses and said “give to them this week.” That was enough for me. How is it possible anyone in this “Commonwealth” of Massachusetts is hungry for even a minute is beyond me and my blind-assed privilege.

$$$: or or
a check to VanceFunder P.O. Box 17, Arlington, MA 02476 for this web-groovery.
Pay or not. It’s up to you. Let’s just stay connected.

This week’s pajamas: Yes

I coach voice, songwriting, performance. Contact me. I have some open spots

Good Good Man - the CD - streaming all platforms, even get it from me…



I run.

Not far, not fast, not pretty. But I run. I ran Boston in ’82. Unofficially, but I finished in 4 hours and 15 minutes. That’s an average 9min 45 sec per mile. Today I run about 3 to 5 miles. Now if I do 11-1/2 minute miles, I come home and celebrate with wings. And cake.

I used to run the Minuteman Bikeway with our first poodle, Louise. Such a companion that I could have her off leash, inches from my hip the whole time, scofflaw that I am. I recall once a fully bikeshop-festooned biker passing in the other direction shouting “Leash your dog!”. I proudly and defensively shouted back over my shoulder “My dog is better behaved than your kids!!” Ok, ok, I may have followed that with “Punk-ass, biking-ass bicche!” Hey, I wasn’t right law-wise, but maybe a teeny bit, morally. A few of you out there may remember her - Louise was exceptional.

And please, thanks, but save your admonition that I should walk instead of run because it’s better to the body overall. Yeah thanks. Nope. My doctor believes I should use it or lose it. One knee is documentedly bone-on-bone. I take time off, wrap it up when I do go, and better my mind and soul running, creaky knee and all. My cardiologist agrees. She adjusted my pacemaker to pick it up and “get with it” when I start forward motion, no matter what my body’s aged, laid-back electronics say.

Now with one dog gone and the other too old to go any distance, I have been running with ear thingies and my phone, listening to music. I’m 25lbs lighter, thanks. Folks have axed what my playlist currently is. Here goes:

10 Albums/songs in no real order, maybe by date:

~ Joni Mitchell - "Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter" - the orchestrated piano excursions and successfully using the word “keloids” in a song. My god.
~ Joni Mitchell - “Clouds” - do you realize that there are no drums on this album?
~ Marvin Gaye - “What’s Going On” - duh
~ Kendrick Lamar - “To Pimp A Butterfly” - Not for everyone. This is someone’s Black experience, language included. F-bombs and N-words abound and in the meantime it is sheer textural, lyric, and musical genius. Sorry not sorry, white folks
~ Stevie Wonder - Inner Visions and Fufillingness’ First Finale - So much genius, so much relevant now.
~ Lauryn Hill - The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill - even with the controversy surrounding her and credit due her supporting cast, this is a real work.
~ Richard Thompson - Bloody Noses - his most recent EP. God does wear a tam.
~ Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin II - OMG the drums, and Plant's vocals are extra planetary.

~ Wait A Little While - Kenny Loggins - I was compelled to call my friend, world known bass player Freebo to see if bass player George Hawkins, on this uplifting pop jazz anthem, was as nice as his playing was on this tune. Confirmed. The repeat button is worn to the nub.
Talk about a song of hope. And my recently deceased friend Lance Martin could play this iconoclastic Jon Clarke flute solo note for note in any key..

~ Little Boy Blue - Rufus Featuring Featuring Chaka Khan - Songwriters, don’t let any coaches tell you "verse verse chorus bridge verse chorus" is the way to live.