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Greetings Swannanoa Friends!

Hi, Swannanoan Gatheringster,

It’s me, Vance Gilbert. What a gift of a week, eh?

Many of you have asked when Im coming to the NC, GA area
(9/4 Isis in Asheville, 9/5 Eddie’s Attic in Decatur, 9/6 Evening Muse in Charlotte)
and when I said “Uh, I dunno, but thanks for asking” you replied, “Well lemme know through that blue email list, will you?”

OK, so here’s my simple request Just put “A” or “B” in the subject line :

A means - Sure! I’ll be on your scurrilous email list where you’ll bother me about twice a month about your musical whereabouts.

B means - Nah. Swannanoa was great, and I’m sure you’re a nice fellow but no email list stuff for me, thanks.

No response and I’ll just add you till you say to leave you alone.

We cool with that?. I hope to see you, and thanks for reading.

Vance Gilbert, Swannanoah Instructor, Performance and Songwriting.