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Friday Beacon NY w/ChristineLavin, Saturday Baltimore w/EllisPaul, and Hello Swannanoans

Hi VanceFan!!

First a shoutout to all here that were at the Swannanoa Gathering, It’s me, Vance Gilbert. What a gift of a week, eh?
Look, yes, I scooped your email from the Blue List. In my defense of this unsolicited note, many of you have asked when I’m coming to the NC, GA area (9/4 Isis in Asheville, 9/5 Eddie’s Attic in Decatur, 9/6 Evening Muse in Charlotte) and when I said “Uh, I dunno, but thanks for asking” you replied, “Well lemme know through that blue email list, will you?”.

OK, so here’s my simple request Just put “A” or “B” in the subject line and hit reply :

A means - “Sure Vance! I’ll be on your scurrilous email list where you’ll bother me about twice a month about your musical whereabouts."

B means - "Nah. Swannanoa was great, and I’m sure you’re a nice fellow but no email list stuff for me, thanks."

No response and I’ll just add you till you say to leave you alone.

We cool with that? No hard feelings if you opt out, thanks for considering. I hope to see you, and thanks for reading.

Vance Gilbert, Singer, Songwriter, Swannanoah Instructor, Haver of LargeHair


That said, here are shows of note:

This Friday, 8/25 w/Christine Lavin Towne Crier, Beacon NY

This Sat 8/26 w/Ellis Paul Fulton, MD (near Baltimore)

And there are a handful of spaces left for this songwriting retreat and concert with Ellis Paul, Dan Bern, Abbie Gardner and Laurie McAllister and Molly Venter (why, that's Red Molly!!), George Wurzbauch: Http://

Yep - performance and songwriting coaching, private parties, windows, dog sitting, bioenergetic therapy, colon cleansing, I’m available to do it all...

More info?