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Vance Wednesday Mailer - NJ, OH, Buffalo, Pittsburghh, NY, ME

Hi VanceFans,

Sunday, 6/2 Lincroft, NJ - UUCongregation of Monmouth County
Thurday,6/13 Port Clinton, OH -
Friday, 6/14, Buffalo, NY - Baptist Manor Retirement Home - FREE -come...I play for the residents there- it’s a blast
Satday, 6/15 Pittsburghh, PA -
Sunday, 6/16 Croton-on-Hudson, NY
Satday 6/22 Brownfield, ME,
They gave me my own show!!!!

Some Thank Yous -

To Ben Hallman Productions and Director Rocky - Thanks for taking some of my fan’s money and making the video to Good Good Man this past weekend. You are brilliant.

To the Sand family - for the use of your house that I slept in, ate in, filmed 3 hours overtime in. And you shared your kid. Thanks.

To Oliver Sand in particular - you come home from college and while entertaining your college friends, you invite me into your fold and play host to me for 24 crazy hours including cooking dinner and talking airplanes until 1:30 AM. Our hobby, nee this world is in good, good hands with you and your friends Anna and Jack at the helm.

To the guy next door to the Sands - when you asked if we had gotten permission from and paid a royalty to your landlord for filming in front of your house, you asked in that angry, privileged temerity of tone that’s usually followed by “And so how about if I call the police…” Once you were told that your landlord’s house wasn’t in the shot and that the house in the shot was owned, top to bottom, by *my* hosts, you just grumbled and trundled away with your carpal-tunnel-wrapped wrists and generally unhappy self and never said “Oh, ok, I’m sorry” or “Great - got it” or anything like that. Well even a judge (yeah, we found out who you are and what you do) can’t know everything, can they? I pray you endow your courtroom with more reason, equanimity, kindness, and goodwill than you showed us. Thank the stars again for Oliver and his friends as they take this world's reins. Like the Staple Singers sang: "Just get out the way, and let the gentleman do his thing"

To all who donated to this album/video/promo project. I’ve been inputting names for listing on the CD, and I’m left in wonder at the faith you have in me and my music. Thanks barely makes it.

For folks late to the game I'm still taking donations via Paypal, or mailed to VanceFunder P.O. Box 17, Arlington, MA 02476. You get your name on the album for any dollar amount.

Coaching of songwriting, singing and performing, private parties, vegan book cover rebinding, past life discussion group leading, anything you want.