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Vance's Harvard MA show, Paul Reiser openers, and TWICE in Traverse City

Hi VanceFans!

Happy Earthe Day! Spring looks like it has finally done comed.

I’m here this Saturday, right up the street from me!!

4/27 - Harvard MA,

Then a few things with Paul Reiser, namely Skokie 5/3 and Traverse city 5/4,
then my OWN show in Traverse City on Sunday May 5th

I’ll be inviting the people from Paul's 5/4 show to the 5/5 show if they want to hear more. I’m a friggin marketing GENIUS!!


Nice gig this weekend with Christine Lavin in Beacon NY. Kinda nutty to have us in the middle of Passover and Easter, so the attendance was slim. As she had some traveling scheduling stuff she needed to stick closely to, she went on first and skedaddled, leaving the stage to me! That was kinda weird, as she got me started in this biz in a matter of speaking. She was great, and I decided to do my set as if I was trying to trace the arc of her set - songs about Pluto and the planets, science, something about a tall building, childhood stories. It was such a fun and invigorating way to re-order my set. Thanks Chris, again.


It’s about to rain on Earth Day. I’m good with that.


Biff Kennedy, noted radio promotion industry heavy and principle of Charterhouse Music will be my Project Manager for the release of this yet to be named new album, (leaning towards The Day Before November). He’s as expensive as he is perfect for what we’re doing. He’s sent me an early-process 15 point album release/publicity house search prospectus that begins with:

1. shopping for publicity is not something to try at home.

And then there’s numbers 5 thru 8:

5. we will want to create a budget for this and other marketing components
6. we will then want to trash that budget and go with something more realistic
7. we should draft a wish list of publicists to solicit
8. we can then trash that list and find the people who have the passion for the album

Tellme, how many people can say they have such a serious music business heavy on their team that can also make them pee the office chair? It reminds me that after all is said and done, and if none of the tunes on this piece of work amount to more than overblown Vance library additions, I went at this higher-powered musical push as a generally good-hearted-and-humored human with the same in my tow. Even if Chris Stapleton or Jason Isbell does or does not have me as their opener for their next tour, or whether or not I get to sit across from Terry Gross, I did that.


I recently came across a high school friend, Karen Constantine, who is a hard-working actor based in LA. You’ve seen her in everything from Glee to commercials. We were talking about how the arts can be a grind from time to time, and I was so proud of me when I said this:

"I'm heading in tonite for final mixes of a new album, and wondering what the hell I'm shooting for at 60 years old, like I'm Jason Oldsbell or Mumford and Grandfather or something…” God, I’m funny when I’m cynical!!


In the meantime, I love when beautiful plants, like this one out my window, are named by Black Folks:

“What that plant called?”

"It’s Forsythia.”

"I hope she like it…”

“Wha’s it called?”




Go to to donate anything at all to the album and get your name on it, ask about coaching, private parties, custom Lego and Tinkertoy construction, and other stuff.