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Vance Gilbert - BIG CALENDAR STUFF, little forks...

HI VanceFriends&Fans,

I play here:

Friday, 5/10 NY, NY - 1st Annual Crossing Bridges Festival
Thursday, 5/16 Boston, MA Bernstein Reimagined: 3rd Annual Rukin Memorial Concert
Berklee Performance Center
Friday, 5/17 Earlville, NY -
Satday, 5/18 White Plains, NY - Woodlands Community Temple
Sunday, 6/2 Lincroft, NJ - UUCongregation of Monmouth County
Thurday,6/13 Port Clinton, OH -
Friday, 6/14, Buffalo, NY - Baptist Manor Retirement Home - FREE -come...I play for the residents there- it’s a blast
Satday, 6/15 Pittsburg, PA -
Sunday, 6/16 Croton-on-Hudson, NY
Satday 6/22 ****JUST ADDED Brownfield, ME
They gave me my own show!!!!

Monday Musings on Tuesday - a few things I was thinking on my flight back from the Midwest...

~ “You as well”. The new answer for “have a great day”. “You too” was fine. Now it sounds like...I don’t know what...Imagine the #MeAsWell movement, ok? I think it goes with the Australian transplanted “No worries”, which is slightly more tolerable but still...?

~ “...years young...” Shut up. We age. We get older. We just do. I’m not “sixty years young”. I will not be 59 years younger next year. Stop saying that.

~ Little forks. I don’t care if they’re for salad. My hand has no need to get any closer to my greens than it does when I’m stabbing tofu or ham. Little forks upset me. There, I said it.

~ Hey Mister, whatever sound you’re making with your mouth or why - maybe it’s percussion on a Rolling Stones tune playing in your head, popcorn hull in your teeth, whatever, don’t do it leaving the airport men’s room...I can’t really describe it but ok here’s the rule- never ever smack your lips leaving the men’s room. There, I said it.

~ The bicyclist that thumb-upped me and shouted “good job” in Traverse City as I ran in the opposite direction of you on the Traverse City bike path. Am It so damned fat that I look like a unicorn to you? Did you think it was Biggie Smalls out for a Northern Michigan jog? But there, I guess you said it...

~ The ex electronics specialist off of I-don’t-recall-what-boat my-age-young vet with the chihuahua, but who took my “thanks for serving" (he had a hat and tattoos) in the spirit it was given and stood with me at the motel elevator for easily 10 minutes about his tours and time in the Mediterranean. Thanks. I’m pretty much a peace at all cost kinda guy, and I hate that you had to go, but your kindness makes me as proud as your service was noble.

I also loved how the chihuahua in your arms could maybe be heard under his breath saying “Oh Lord, here he go….I am NEVER to getting the promised outside...soon as he has an audience to talking about the he go...sigh...”

~ Please don’t. Please don’t shut us out. You are losing your mom. It has or it will happen to each and every one of us in time. Immutable heart-wrenching fact. And we all deal with it differently. And I surely don’t mean to tell you your business around your family, but please, be vigilant in the midst of your sadness and grief in both protecting your mom and giving access to those of us who love her and have also begun mourning. She means the world to us, and you know that. Your plate is immeasurably overfilled, you’re protective, we understand. Still, we beg you, please find a way to let others in. We can only do but so little for your broken heart. Please do what you can for ours.

~ Lastly, a note from a grandfather friend of mine, recounting an interchange between his daughter and his granddaughter;

(8-year old daughter): “Mommy, can I have a snack?”
(Mommy): “Not until you get your room cleaned up...”
(8-year old, looking sad as she walks away, begins singing to herself): “Hello darkness my old friend...”


!’m putting the CD tunes in order for mastering. Man, this is a scary thing. Still time to donate to the recording fund and get your name on this thing before Jane and I close artwork - we’re recorded but now the remainder $$ goes towards a hi faulting’ publicity company to see if I am indeed the next cross-bred bastard child of Pete Seeger (xoxo Happy 100th Birthday R.I.P.), Luther Vandross, and Richard Thompson. or Vancefunder P.O. Box 17 Arlington, MA 02476, no matter the amount. for details.

Other stuff, performance & songwriting coaching, teaching, gerbil ballroom dancing video editing, you know how to get me… xovg