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Vance comes to the Carolinas, Dallas, Oklahoma

Hi VanceFanFriends,

Here a few Minor Monday Mind Meanderings:

~ Did you ever just get a song in your head that wouldn’t leave until you sang it? That’s what happened here. It’s actually a pretty nice tune:

~ Hey United. I know we’ve had a checkered past, what with you snatching me off of planes for reading about planes and such, and I know it takes time to generate some of that trust back and all, but when I go to put that backpack full of threatening aviation books into the overhead and I read the outside of the boxes that contain the infant lifejackets, - let’s just say that spelling matters. Particularly if you’re looking to “replenish” trust…

~ I’m playing these places below. The Carolinas - I’ll probably give away some CD $$ or the CDs themselves as I know anyone that comes out to listen has been under some duress from storms. If you do come out I promise you some moments of relief from your troubles.

10/18 Charlotte, NC
10/19 Bluffton, SC
10/20 Bolivia, NC
10/26 Dallas, TX
10/27 Oklahoma City, OK
10/28 Tulsa, OK

~ I’m over 75% to my VanceFunder album goal. Thanks to new executive producers Deidre & Fred, The Schanz, Jonathan, Susan, and Carla. (Your generosity and faith is astounding.) You can even request a cover tune for me to record!! Wanna see what that’s about and other donational (tee hee - *that’s not a word) details? Head to for details.

Coaching of songwriting, singing, performance, and Skype bonsai shaping instruction upon request…xovg