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Come see me in Northampton MA, Philly, Asheville NC (Hi Swannanoa folks!!), and in Shirley MA

Hi Everyone!

SWANNANOAH GATHERING FOLKS - Hi! I’m hoping you liked my teaching and performance stuff enough to not mind me scooping your addresses from the sheet that we all got. I swear, I’ll not bother you more than twice a month. Stuff I write is pretty entertaining and relatively short.

If you’d like to be removed from this list, please just type “unsubscribe” in the subject line and shoot it back and we’ll let your mailbox be, toot sweet. No hard feelings! Thanks so much for even considering sticking around.

Plus, I’ll be back in Asheville (see below) in a few weeks, and I wanted you to know...

Aug 11, Northampton, MA - Iron Horse Music Hall

Aug 24, Phila PA -
(With James Maddock!!)

Aug 25 - anyone between Philadelphia and North Carolina want to fill this in with a house concert private coaching or something? Lemme know before I book flights - you got 72 hours before I lock my travel down….

Aug 26, Asheville, NC Isis Music Hall
(With James Maddock again!! This time on the mainstage!)

Aug 30, Shirley MA - Bull Run Restaurant OPENING FOR AARON NEVILLE -

Come to a show. Hire me for Stuff. Come to me for performance and songwriting coaching. Soon I'll beg for money for my new album, slated for release in the spring. Be nice or at least respectful to each other. Thanks.