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Shows in ME, CT, MA, NY, and Info on Vance's New Album!!

Hi VanceFans,

Well it’s that time I told you would come. I’m looking for money. Thank You In Advance for your patronage.

Those of you who have fund-raised with me before know how I work. It’s a no-nonsense, all-aboard deal. You give $1 dollar, you give $10,000 dollars, you'll get your name on the CD. We will together drive my art director Jane Hallman crazy with all the teeny printing, but everyone gets propers, unless you request anonymity. And a complete signed CD when it is done, your name circled, if you want. No money-tiered tchotchkes, trinkets or bric-a-bac, unless you want that stuff - I have old lanyards and old sheets of early lyrics. Lemme know, we’ll make a deal for them too. But yeah, your name on the CD for some money. Thanks

Tier One Folks - $1,000 and up - You’ll be listed as Executive Producers. So far there are three of you, thank you Dan, Carol, and Bruce. Some of you have already expressed desire to be on that 1K Bandwagon - your PLOP (Personal Letter Of Pleading) is on the way. Some of you may want to join the 1K Bandwagon. Let me know.

Tier Two Folks - that’s you folks on this spurious mailing list and all you Facebook friends. Give whatever you like.

Tier Three Folks - I may cap the jar on this fundraising juggernaut by doing one of them Kickstarter type things near the end. But I wanted you more Vance-connected folks to have the biggest partake-age first.

**TIER ZERO Folks** - $10,000 or some negotiable number. You get to choose a cover tune to add to the album line-up, and *I Will Record It*. Period.

$12 - $15,000 for the recording of the album. That's studio time, other players - currently including agreements to do just that from Chris Smither, Tommy Malone (subdudes), Abbie Gardner (Red Molly), Herb Gardner (Abbie's Dad, New Black Eagle Jazz Band and everyone in NY in the 60’s & 70’s), and other not yet quite committed guests. I’m thinking of asking Mike Posner, Tom Rush, and Janis Ian if they’d like to be involved. No promises, but how cool? Then I have to mash CDs and maybe vinyl...

Then I expect to spend another $3- $5,000 for radio promotion (radio IS still out there).

Then another $5 - $12,000 dollars for print/web publicity. That range is so rangy because publicity houses costs vary bigly depending on the house’s connections. You pay for who they know..

So that’s $20 - $30,000. We can do that.

It’s a great body of acoustic tunes:

Pie & Whiskey (almost recorded by rock star Mike Posner)
Day Before November (yes,THAT poem)
Zombie Pattycake (yes…)
Good, Good Man (almost thought about being recorded by rock star Mike Posner)
Trust (What Were You Thinking?)
Another Great Day Above Ground (with Chris Smither on guitar)
When I Cross Over
Brunswick County
Cousin Shelly’s Stationwagon
Wildflower (the 70’s hit)
**a TIER ZERO chosen tune if offered.

That’s right - there’s a few I’ve held back on playing so you’d have something new. I’m currently singing and playing great, these tunes are my best written as a group so far, and I’m certain this will be solid enough to rank as my best work yet.

And here it comes for the world to download or for me to bring to your city via CDs (yes, I'lll make them!) Maybe vinyl too. A nice big fat 3-4 months of promotion of all forms of music listening is in order.

So to start I spent 8 hours in the studio yesterday with drummer Marco Giovino and engineer Sam Margolis and got sweet, swinging drum parts on Pie & Whiskey, Trust, and Good, Good, Man. My guitar and vocal parts on these need a bit more time and polish, but they are going to feel really good. My final vision for these band oriented tunes?….imagine Al Green and Richard Thompson get together and have a overweight, nearsighted but swinging, singing baby….

You'll want to be part of this recording, I swear…

Here’s a taste - "Flyby" done a few months ago:

Paypal to -
Checks to - Vancefunder c/o Vance's Office, contact me for my office address
Include your address either way.

In the meantime I’m playing here:

9/23 Nanuet, NY Public Library
9/28 Brownfield, ME
w/Ellis Paul!!
10/5 Peekskill, NY
opening for Paul Reiser!!
10/6 Lowell, MA
10/7 Litchfield, CT

And I’m still coaching, doing private parties, dropper feeding pet centipedes, and whatever you need from me.