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CT, RI, and NJ shows, and More of Vance's Masonry skills...

Hi VanceFanFriends -

Heere’s a few shows stuck between Folk Alliance International and studio time:

2/5, This Saturday, Pomfret CT -

2/23, Saturday, Bristol RI -

2/24, Sunday, Millville NJ -
w/Liv Taylor!!

And yes, people are still sending me $$ for the album, and that’s thrilling, because we are just inches from starting to mix, and I’m about to start making calls to hi-falootin hoity toity expensive promotion/publicity people . Go to for details on how any $$ will get your name on the album, and what $$ will get your name in bold. Well, there I told you how it works. OK -, or snail me a check to Vancefunder PO Box 17 Arlington, MA 02476 if you want to play a part in this opus’ production...


Here’s a few Monday into Tuesday things,

~ My neighbor Lisa made my guacamole that I took to Sam Margolis’ house for the BPFMBS (Best Party For Most Boring SuperBowl). It was contract guacamole, and I advise anyone within a radius of her house to have her make your guacamole. She has the Midas touch. I’m a pretty fair cook, but she kills this. Hey, I had this wild idea - tell me what you think...that maybe if you were within 20 - 40 miles of our houses here that you could have Lisa make your guacamole, I could deliver it, play a few tunes in your living room, and then go home, for like 2 -300 bucks, minus $50 cover my gas and Lisa’s ingredients, and we’d give the rest to some charity. Tell me that’s not a great idea….

~ Paul Reiser is a comic genius, and not just because he has the great sense to hire me over and over again as his opener. He’s just a superiorly funny comic.

~ Wings are just fine for breakfast. Particularly with Lisa’s Guacamole(c)

~ I’m in Pomfret CT this Saturday 2/9 at the Vanilla Bean Cafe. Get tix early because this’ll probably sell out

~ Thumbs up to the flight attendant who spent easily 15 minutes in the rear of the plane from Tampa answering a 7-year old boy’s uber-loud questions about what airplane and pilots do before and during flight. Thumbs down on her always saying “guys” and “the men” that fly and repair the plane and thumbs down on me for not speaking up any louder than the three people near me seat-wise. Thumbs kinda sideways for me remembering that it was within the last 5-10 years that there has been at least one all-Black female flight crew on a US airline, and speaking up about that to the ladies next to me.

~ Thumbs double down on my masonry skills once again. My side line masonry business, Arlington African American Shittymasons Society, or as we tend to be referred to - AAASS, have been at it again. I just chiseled it off. Started with these random bricks like a poor people’s mosaic thing. Replaced it with a pressure treated wood board. And Liquid Nails. As our business motto says, “We’ll fix it so it looks like AAASS”…

PS, note the Wildlife Habitat sign. That’s because various animals were hanging out just laughing at my prowess.

~ I should call some guy to fix it in the spring for real, I promise. Or some woman. I don’t care...


Voice, songwriting and performance coaching at your house, mine, or via Skype, private party music, and custom rainwear repair and poor masonry upon request.