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Happy New-PassimCambridgeAlmostSoldOut-Year, Then look out NY, VA, and MD

Hello Mistletoed Post-Hannukkaed Kwaanzafied EggNoggian Tinsel-sweeping Soulsticessers

Did I miss anybody?Did you miss me? Then stop keening and come see me at one of these places below

1/4 - Cambridge, MA CLUB PASSIM
1/5 - Centerport, NY. w/GUY DAVIS
1/11 - Timonium, MD w/CHRISTINE LAVIN
1/12 - Richmond, VA

Florida was a trip. Ultimately successful after an inauspicious 2 Rock Rooms start. The late Miami fill-in gig was for an all-Black house concert audience. I was the present from a classical singing Porgy & Bess touring company soprano youngster at Howard University to her retired osteopathic pediatrician mom, who was also an instrument-rated pilot who flew a Mooney M20M that her husband later tragically died in due to incomplete weather information from air traffic control.

How’s that for an abbreviated story portion of my afternoon?

Highlight conversations:

---(From one of her friends) “About your interest in aviation - I have 2 brothers that fly transports…One flies Airbuses for UPS, the other flies 767s for FedEx…” (I didn’t say, but I wanted to say “I’ll bet Thanksgiving is wild at THAT table…pass the brussel sprouts!!”)

---"Do you play any Aretha?” (I managed my that afternoon poor version of Until You Come Back To me”..actually yes a Stevie Wonder song…)

These people paid me, tipped me, paid for CDs that were supposed to be gifts, and put the money in my shoe when I wasn’t looking, and then took me to dinner.

I love what I do.

Tomorrow night I’ve hired a high school kid student from 3 houses down the street, my domestic partner Deb, and former student on school vacation from college to be background vocals on Good, Good Man.

I love what I do.

The door is still open for album production/promotion donations. Go to:
P.O. Box 17
Arlington MA 02474

Nope - no amount too large or small - you'll still get your name on the cover somewhere. And no, I have not figured how to electronically alphabetize all the names once in…any ideas?

Coaching, private parties, extension cord braiding lessons available and on demand.

Happy New Year, all of you -