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Vance is in Timonium, Richmond, and Thinks About Stuff.

Hey VanceFans!

Look where I’m is at this weekend!!

1/11 - This Friday, Timonium, MD w/CHRISTINE LAVIN (I wuv her!!)
1/12 - Richmond, VA

There’s some stuff later this month too, I definitely open for James Maddock in NYNY on the 30th, (City Winery) and potentially play down the street from myself in Arlington MA on the 31st, (tent. Menotomy Grill - with a band!!!) but you’ll have to go to the website or wait a minute for those.


Well you probably know Rock Star Mike Posner has a wondrous background vocal on my recent album to be. I just got word that a vocal of mine will be in the background of one of his tunes on his new album. Look at me all famous and stuff!!! I just saw the contract and what I get for compensation...Now I can buy the new ice cube trays I was told I needed to get today…hahahahaha

Oh, about my album - you want to donate and get your name on my album? Any amount from $1 to $5,000 (don’t be daunted - but there’ve been a few of those!!...) gets your name or your tribute on the CD cover. Sure, tiny writing, but yes.
PayPal -
or checks to
Vancefunder, P.O. Box 17 Arlington, MA 02476

We’re currently at 33K, and there’s some sniffing about from high profile publicity people, and whilst interested, they are expensive, so any and all is appreciated and fingers crossed, please, thanks.



I’m a somewhat public figure. I’m a product of the 60’s. Still learning every day. Sixty years old myself and still trying to develop audience. Trying to balance being gregarious and loving and woke, racist and filled with equanimity, accepting and uncertain, scarred and caring, broken and healing towards others, the comedic and the cruel. Working. Always working.

The climate changes. White people feel alternately shamed and marginalized. Women become empowered and #MeToo becomes itself. Black Lives tend to more Matter. Ageism takes a back seat and Old folkies get to sing on young rock and roller records (see above). The pendulum swings not just to and fro, but for some maybe even front to back.
I got called out by a young female singer songwriter the other night how sexist it was to even use the term “chick singer”. To be fair to me and remain in context, I was suggesting a fix for her worries about being a strong singer but a weak guitarist. I used the term with very clear air-type quotes as something I’d hope she’d avoid, and that I’d hope she’d follow the leads of Nina Gerber, Patty Larkin, Shawn Colvin, and Janet Feld.

Seriously, how would I feel if someone, hypothetically, came up to me and said “Your success is probably because you sing clearly without a lot of ad-lib and melisma like so many other nigger singers…”

OK, that’s maybe an extreme, maybe she was just a little pre-offended, and there are levels of the game, but it stands - young lady, I am sorry. There had to be another way the gregarious outspoken me could have framed my motivational argument. Language is language and what is not cool to one person is probably not cool to more than one person.

This is not the first time nor will it be my last in looking closely at the line. When the line even seems to move or seems extreme and scorched earth, I can only hope that at some point I can count myself amongst the ones that picked up on it and moved too, because I surely want to be on the right side of that stuff that’s to be learned. People are learning. People-of-non-color are learning. Men are learning. Patterns of behavior are hard to break, even more so when they are the gateways to structures of power that also need a whole lot of breaking. Notable actor Idris Elba is quoted as saying about #MeToo "It’s only difficult if you’re a man with something to hide”. Yeah, but, not entirely..It’s a little more complicated than that, for sure. No one is born on or leaves this planet fully realized. It takes work. Hey, I’m trying to grow and teach others to grow over here...

And no, there is no ManToo movement for real. Shut up. We are always free to think how we think, but we must breather the air of our climate, and that necessitates some thoughtfulness on everyone’s part. Everyone. All colors, chromosomal make-up, and perception of selves. Everyone. Everybody.

Everybody breathes this air of change. Everybody. Roses in your backyard. Elevator fart. It’s literally like in the air. So this is to say that when you say “Where’d you hair go?…I miss your hair” after I’ve busted my arse writing and delivering songs with meaning is…well, tiresome and kind of cheap. And a little personal. Even gregarious me wouldn’t ask what bottle your hair color comes out of. Or if it, or God forbid those, are real. Yes. That’s what that feels like. But I’m not really mad about it. We’re learning.

This is the same air breathed by folks, women, purveyors of numerous comments through 2018 like “Ooooh boy, if my husband wasn’t here”, or “Gosh, if there wasn’t someone at home”. Sure, some of my songs were maybe magical, and even though I’m built like a toilet paper tube with pipe cleaner arms and legs, I have a nice face and smile (if you ignore my bottom teeth), and it IS flattering and all, and so yes, I’m kinda special for a stretch in some eyes. Still, in light of the fact that you have internet and therefore you see the news - well it’s that which makes the preceding, sure, just a little creepy. But I’m not really mad about it. I kindly get it - we’re all learning.

Nope, this is not a #ManToo cry for equality. Nope, this is not at all a reverse-metaphoric-comparison-thingy-parallel to White-people-angry-that-Black-people-say-nigger-amongst-each-other-so-why-not-us-whatever-argument. It’s not that. It’s about the same air. We all just need to start knowing that we know a little better, as we’re all in this climate of change and learning and all breathing this same air.

All of us. All. Let’s keep learning. Keep talking. Kindly. Let’s foster as much equality as we can. Everybody on 3….Inhale……

Coaching, private parties (just ask Johanna - we had a ball!!), rodent whispering upon request.