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Vance’sMondayAcousticPajamaParty #96 - SLIGHTLY R&B EVENING

It’s really just an excuse to play a couple of tunes by The Spinners that I miss playing...

When: Monday nite 1/31, 7:30pm EDT.
(“doors” open at 7 for community hang)

Who gets 10%: Straw Dogs Writer’s Guild The Emerging Writer Fellowship is a program of Straw Dog Writers Guild designed to support women of color and gender expansive writers of color based in Western Massachusetts at the early stages of their career. or or
a check to VanceFunder P.O. Box 17,
Arlington, MA 02476 for this web-groovery.

Pay or not. Up to you. Let’s stay connected.

This week’s pajamas = grey, post-shoveling dry things

I teach and coach stuff.

Good Good Man - the CD - streaming all over, even get one from me.



- Do you know that F11 on your keyboard makes the whole screen disappear to the margins so that you can frighteningly see your empty desktop and keep you regular?

- Why do they call that circular rotating thing on my shop shelf a carousel? It’s not fun nor does it have horses or pretty music, and all my model paints and glues go flinging off when I turn it. Also “Lazy Susan” is a lame name for it too. What kind of sexist-ass myopic-butt madness is that about? Susan be busy as hell picking all them paint and glue bottles off of the floor. YOU the lazy one for not reaching to the back of the shelf for the purple acrylic.

- Camel hair paintbrushes haven’t been made from camel hair for centuries, and most what we use are made of squirrel hair, which seems as wrong in a multitude of ways. I have no idea if the squirrels are kept solely for this purpose. Maybe they don’t mind, even be bragging be all like “Hey Francis, somebody used bristles from my butt to paint a watercolor of a cat!!” Or “Denny’s hair is good for nothing but stippling, so...”

- NO one ever uses the two-legged squid thing with heart eyes emoji ever. Ewww. Why don’t they call it the tap dancing egg? It just pisses me off.

- Why can’t someone make actual N95 masks with printed-on propellers or jet intakes or sharks mouths? Can’t they be simultaneously clinical, electrostatically viable, and have dog noses?

- Weather Channel telling me that "it’s going to be a white weekend.” No kidding? Then finally following with “Snow is expected”. Seriously, the word “because” could have been judiciously placed to make a Brother feel more at ease going out on Sunday

- I need a nap. Can a brother get a nap up in here?