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New Year, New Shows!

Hi Everyone and let me be the second or third to welcome you to the New Year!!

I've got a bunch of pretty high profile shows that you just have to come to.  If you don't live anywhere near these shows, thanks in advance for telling someone who does! I have had full houses thanks to that kind of "my-sister- told-me-to-come" advertising – it really works.

I also have hit a real songwriting stride this winter, sneaking up on a new album tentatively called "Neighbor, Neighbor".  5 of these new tunes were written in the last 5 weeks – that's pretty prolific for me. There are so many new tunes that I'm still reading some lyrics from the stage.  Pretty fresh, raw stuff, and you'll want to see them unfold, won't you?

Here are some show highlights:

This Friday, 1/8
The Iron Horse
20 Center Street
Northampton, MA
BOX OFFICE/INFO:413-586-8686
One of my "homes".  Rebecca Correia opens!
My Iron Horse early shows tend to fill up quickly…

Sunday, 1/10  
The Cherrywood Lounge
1460 Blackwood-Clementon Road
Clementon, NJ
BOX OFFICE/INFO:856-227-2336

Thursday 1/14
1 PM
WUMB FM  91.9 Boston
That's me, live on the radio!!

Saturday, 1/16
8 pm
Club Passim
47 Palmer Street
Cambridge, MA
BOX OFFICE/INFO: 617-492-7679

OK, people are always asking me "When are you going to be around here??"

Well, here's your answer…if you get this, don't be asking me the same question in March…
This club is my other home. I live a few miles away. This show also tends to fill up pretty quickly.

Friday, 1/22
Stone Mountain Arts Center
695 Dugway Road
Brownfield, ME  866-227-6523

This place is a drive from everywhere, but I can't begin to tell you how great it is!! My night is part of their "Recession Sessions"… that means a cheap $10 to see the show!! Food is great, and they even have stay-over getaway packages!!

Thursday, 1/28
The City Winery
155 Varick Street (betw. Spring & Vandam St)
New York, NY   212-608-0555

I start the night for an old friend, Shawn Mullins… Remember his hit "Rockabye?".

A nice big NYNY  gig for me, as I seldom make it into the city proper.

See you somewhere, and thanks !!