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Strawberry Park Folk/Bluegrass Fest & Passim Performance Workshop

Hello Vance Acoustic Minions!!

Saturday, 6/2, Preston, CT - Strawberry Park Festival

Saturday, June 2, 2012  
Strawberry Park Festival
42 Pierce Road
Preston, CT

I love this festival. It's a dedicated audience of acoustic music lovers, there's great chili and other food on the grounds, and it's a trailer park!!   Need I say more?

Sunday, 6/3, Cambridge, MA - Club Passim - Passim School of Music

Sunday, June 3, 2012
Club Passim - Passim School of Music / Vance Gilbert's Collision Course
26 Church Street
Cambridge, MA
$50.00, $45.00 for members

It's a workshop from me - Vance Gilbert's Collision Course...maybe you've seen it out at Falcon Ridge? Here's a description:


There are great songs out there that you'll never hear because they are "under-performed" by the artists.

And there are great artists out there that have all the chops in the world but short shelf lives in the eyes of the listener because they perform songs that need "tweaking".
And there are some situations where a little stagework on both can bring a performance to life!

Vance's Collision Course Workshop offers you the opportunity to take an instructive, simultaneous look at your performance skills and your songwriting in an "open mike" stage setting.

That's where it all finally happens, right?

Vance believes that your performance and your songwriting are inseparably intertwined things. So in this revolutionary workshop your whole presentation - from adjusting the microphone and patter to eye contact, song arrangement, lyric tweak, and approach to the instrument - will be reviewed, gently critiqued, and adjusted in real time by Vance in the supportive stage setting of other singer songwriter students, one of who will be "next" to take the stage. It's all entertaining and great fun (remember, this is Vance Gilbert offering this…)

It doesn't matter your level - Vance has worked with everyone from rote beginners to David Wilcox. So come and give yourself and your music the gift of being heard at your best!!


There you have it. This is kinda-sorta a last minute thing. Come sign up and let's look at what you do and have fun!! Spots are limited...I have a full day of students on Wednesdays thanks to these workshops, as folks want to continue that work. Come join us!

You somewhere else but you know someone in this general New England area? Tell them to come on out, and thanks in advance!!