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upcoming gigs and random ranting

Hi All,

Snatchin' them kids from the school parking lot on the last day of school? Heading out to celebrate the fourth but doing it this weekend?

It's a little slow nowadays, I'm writing some, doing work on the house, teaching, but there are some prime Vance gigs coming up this weekend:

6/30  Oxford, NY ... Six On The Square

Saturday, June 30, 2012  
Six On The Square
6 Lafayette Park
Oxford, NY

I do believe I've been playing this location almost twenty years. It used to be called the Night Eagle Cafe years ago.  It's still great here, even better. The place fills up for me (after 20 years it'd better) so call first and come out. The desserts are fabulous, and the pizza across the street at Roma Pizzeria is other-planetary.

7/1 Ithaca NY ... Bound For Glory

Sunday, July 1, 2012  
WVBR'S Bound for Glory
Cafe at Anabel Taylor Hall at Cornell University
corner of College Ave. and Campus Road, on the Cornell Campus
Ithaca, NY
607 255-9619

This is a radio show with an audience. And it's free!! Here's what they say about me:

"We've been wanting to organize a Vance Gilbert Bound for Glory for many, many years.  Vance is one of the funniest performers you've ever heard, and a fine singer-songwriter as well. This is a very special show, one that will surely be unforgettable."

How can I disagree? I love me!!!

As per usual, I'm not crazy about targeted zip code e-mailings. Why? 'Cause I get folks coming out to New York shows thanks to a call from their cousin Phil in Chicago or their college roommate in Anchorage. Thanks for that, keeps people coming to shows and makes for great community.

See you or someone you know this weekend!



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