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Vance From Franklin to Chicago to Long Island to a Party @ Your House

Hi VancEnthusiasts!!

Requests for S.N.H.P. (Short Notice Holiday Parties) are starting to roll in. Better get your dibs in now.
November and December are still pretty open. I'm inexpensive, I'll bet half the cost of your caterer (except your chef husband or your mom...), so ping me - - and we'll see what acoustic musical havoc we can create!

Yes. A Vance show in your house. Or office.

Wanna give some of the $$ away to a charity of your choosing? We can do that too. 

Gimmie a holler and we'll do something 


Sat 9/26, Franklin MA
Circle of Friends Coffeehouse

First Univeralist Society Meeting House
262 Chestnut Street
Franklin , MA

They've been called "the finest church coffeehouse in the country". The director and I even have the same type dog. Get tix early, as this one fills up. That's a good thing…Casey John Abrams opens - note him - if you were to mix Steven Bishop and Richard Thompson…yeah, it's like that.


9:20ish AM Sunday, September 27th at the 2015 Greater Boston Walk to End Alzheimer's. 
North Point Park, Cambridge, MA   
Cambridge, MA 02129

Yeah. 1 song. I sing the National Anthem. Boom. Then they feed me.  I'm currently dealing with a loved one living in the realm of dementia, so this one is close to my heart. Come hear me, walk, donate. Whatever you want…

Tues, 9/29, Evanston (Chicago) Il.

1245 Chicago Avenue
Evanston, IL

"S.P.A.C.E ... The final frontier..."  Ticket-wise the room is 1/2 filled as we speak. Tell you what, I actually know the music and lyrics to the original Star Trek theme, (as sung by Uhura later in the 70's to a disco beat- kid you not), and I'll do the song in its entirety if we fill this room. I'll get  you home in time for Kimmel/Colbert/Fallon/Obrien, I promise...


Saturday 10/3/ Folk Music Society of Huntington 
Congregational Church of Huntington
30 Washington Drive
Centerport , NY

These folks needed a folk performer in a hurry thanks to a Canadian act whose visa application fell apart. Thank goodness I have a folk music beeper set on "emergency alert". See you on the 3rd!!
Keep your eyes peeled in October for DC-Virginia area stuff with the Subdudes, Toronto stuff after that, and a Lamplighter Session with Peter Mulvey.
Hey, if you can't come to a show that looks good to you - tell someone who can


September 2015

Saturday, September 26th 8:00pm
Circle of Friends Coffeehouse
Circle of Friends Coffeehouse
Franklin MA
Call 508-528-2541 for more details

Tuesday, September 29th 8:00pm
Evanston IL
Call 847-492-8860 for more details

October 2015

Saturday, October 3rd 7:30pm
Folk Music Society of Huntington
Folk Music Society of Huntington
Centerport NY
Call 631-425-2925      for more details

Wednesday, October 14th TBA
Rams Head Onstage
Rams Head Onstage
Annapolis MD
Call 410-295-9761      for more details

Thursday, October 15th 7:30pm
The Birchmere
The Birchmere
Alexandria VA
Call 703-549-7500      for more details

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