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Vance’s Monday Nite AcousticPajamaParty #6 - Vancetunes & Sprinkle Of Country

Hi Vance Friends & Fans-

WHAT: Vance Gilbert’s Monday Night Acoustic Pajama Party #6 - Vance Tunes plus a Sprinkle Of Country

WHEN: Monday, 4/20, 7:30 pmEDT


Yes, mostly my stuff, but there’s a few country tunes I want to sprinkle into the set, if you don’t mind.

WHO GETS 10%: The Pine Street Inn. Right here in Boston, a local institution. "Founded in 1969, Pine Street Inn provides a comprehensive range of services to nearly 2,000 homeless men and women each day. We are the largest homeless services provider in New England, and could not do this important work without the support of our donors and local community. We provide a comprehensive range of programs and services, including housing, emergency services, and workforce development. Our ultimate goal is to end homelessness by making permanent housing a reality for all.”

Money: or or
send a check to VanceFunder P.O. Box 17, Arlington, MA 02476 for this web-based groovery.
Pay or not. It’s up to you. Let’s just stay connected.

This week’s pajamas. Black *transportation” themed cotton bottoms. Sweatshirt top TBD - I’ll take requests. People want to know, so...

Good Good Man - the CD - streaming all platforms, Payment ways as above - check for anything between $10 - $20 and up send to VanceFunder P.O. Box 17 Arlington, MA 02476 will get it too. Limited trips to the P.O., so sit tight.

-Private/public/houseparty things - I joked about this before, but I did a surprise one last night for an anniversary. Had their kids laughing and such, so let me know. Reasonable rates.
Coaching of songwriting, performance & voice, (SURE - BY SKYPE, FACETIME, OR ZOOM)
available upon request - Wednesday is 1/2 full, Thursdays are kinda open.



(From my neighbor, xxxxxx)-

“Vance: It sounds as if expanded unemployment benefits will take care of gig workers in the months to come. But it stretches credulity that the government can get that up and running fast enough to avoid substantial short-term hardships for some.
You and a wedding photographer friend are the "gig workers" we know. So I thought I'd check with the 2 of you first about the realities.
I ask because we just got our "rescue/stimulus" payment from the Feds. Since we are not facing short-term hardship we are inclined to pass it along somewhere it can be used for its intended purpose starting with our innermost circle."

(My answer):

"Dear Xxxxxx,
I've no real words for this pending generosity. Other than I know you two and it doesn’t surprise me for a second. Thank you so much for this offer. And it’s true, touring life as I knew it has ground to a halt with no realistic, safe, future-soon reboot. It’s pretty spooky.

I have been coping with this sea-change in my work via a bit of reinvention. I have been doing Vance’s Monday Night Acoustic Pajama Party over on YouTube, drawing a couple of hundred folks each time for a “donate whatever you like” 90-minute music concert. That, not needing to travel, plus students having shifted totally to web-based instruction, has kept me just afloat for now.

Truth is, I’m sure the web concerts' (this Monday’s will be #6) patronage sustainability can only last as long as my fan's disposable incomes last, so I predict money numbers to….no I don’t want to draw that curve on an X and Y axis, thank you!
Still, each week I persevere and put these often themed shows on from my room, and for each I dedicate up front 10% to some local non-profit. That’s an easy check to write, as there are plenty folks out there in far worse shape than I.

I cannot imagine being a photographer at this time. Zoom lens on everything, as it must be at least 6, maybe 20 feet away? No real proactive way to sell wares? I can only imagine.

So I would like to put this out there - please take care of that photographer friend first and foremost. If you wanted to kick a few dollars this way that’d be lovely. However, if your friend needed even more than the $1200, then we should find a way to help do that for *him*.

All I have left here is thank you again.

Much Love, Vance”


One hour later, an envelope shoved through my mail slot. Two masked faces make their getaway. I’m shouting out the door at them. They wave me off and walk away. Strangest robbery ever.

(Me, writing later): “Wow. My partner thinks I should offer you a concert. Maybe try to get a Zoom with Xxxxx's ailing family member and play for you all. I figure you’re saying “Jeesis, we gave him money - now we have to listen to him too?”

Whatever you like. Again, I have no real words. Thank you. P.S. I’m keeping the envelope

(Xxxx’s email back): "Nuh-ah. We want that back."