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Vance’sMondayNitePajamaParty #77 JUST PLAYING STUFF

When: Monday nite 9/20, 7:30pm EDT
(“doors” open at 7 for community hang) -


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This week’s pajamas = sweatshirts may make a return

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I had a gig. The First Congregational Church of Montclair N.J. Host for Outpost In The Burbs Coffeehouse. I love this coffeehouse. The sound is great. They get me Chinese food for dinner. And there's always, always great snacks.
I’m just remembering the day I pulled up into their parking lot to unload. It was September 21st, ten days after the towers were brought down.

I could go all arrogant and say “Well, they need me and what I do - my voice, humor, songwriting - I can provide these wondrous Vance things in the wake of this 21st century armageddon. That’s my job. That’s what I do.” And maybe that’s not so arrogant after all, because those really are the very tools I possess. My only tools, actually. My motivation, sure probably a little self-serving. But like Elvis Costello says “My aim is true”.

This night I had a new song that was written about a month before. And I was really ambivalent about playing it in the wake of 9/11 at this, my first gig after the tragedy, 21 miles from Ground Zero. And I was taking the temperature of everything around me the best I could.

Wobbly, I stood in that parking lot and played the song through. This song of eternal love, no rhymes, the gentlest thing I had in my quiver to date, but the imagery..

I played it partway through my first set. I got through the first verse and looked up. Vamped on the chords. Looked for permission. No one shouted, sobbed, ranted, seemed triggered, or anything which would make this tale more compelling. I can only hope they were patiently waiting to see where this story would end up. They clapped long and full afterwards. Not loud, not with any more verve. Just longer than for any other tune. The rest of the night was a blur.

I suppose my take-away is that the profession of eternal, immovable love for one another will always outweigh all else. And maybe this was a night where the performer needed the audience as much, maybe more, than they needed him.


Last night I had a dream
I dreamt about my love
And my love was a highrise
And the highrise was on fire
As the flames were licking higher
Asking do you jump or burn
As if it was to matter
Either way this is forever

And I love you just like thunder
I love you like Christmas morn'
And I want you to hold me
Like I'm going off to war
And I need you like fresh water
I need you like scotch whiskey needs
A man who is addicted
I love you just like thunder

And it brought me to an altar
Where the despots are forgiven
And the charlatans come clean
And it shook my very soul
And from the outrage and the mercy
Came a simple observation
That loving you forever
Is easier than breathing


And as time goes rushing by
Just like water for the ocean
And my body grows diseased
My mind is sure to follow
Will you look into these eyes
And recall a finer time
For both of us?