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NYC Rockwood Reminder and Results from The Voice

Hi All Y'all:
You know I don't tend to drop this much mail on you. But This NY gig at The Rockwood Music Hall is, well, it's NY. And an album release. And just an hour. C'mon out and/or tell someone you know to do so.
Friday 6/13 NY NY
Rockwood Music Hall - Stage 3
196 Allen Street
New York, NY
NY album release show!! 
Be #55 to stroll into the club and receive an iPod Shuffle chock full of Vance's albums.
I'll throw CDs on the table and you can pay what you want, like a badly done rummage sale. 
Saturday, 6/14 Homer NY
Center for the Arts of Homer
72 South Main Street
Homer, NY
I love this place. This is my last gig for about 2 weeks, till I play a stretch in California (more of that on the site!!) so I'm bound to stretch out and do old stuff, covers, tell stories, and generally be an acoustic hooblebloop.
in the meantime....
~ The Voice - How Did I do???

So, I think it went well. Get this. I signed a confidentiality agreement and can't really talk about it!!!

"Talk about what?", you ask?


Enough to say I had to sign a confidentiality agreement. I'm thinking you don't get to do that if your suckage quotient is high...

I'll let you know by month's end where we stand... I think. 

Thanks for the support.

Come see me or tell someone else to!
New blog is up too, and oh I do go on about stuff...
See you or someone you know in The City....


June 2014

Friday, June 13th 7:00pm
Rockwood Music Hall - Stage 3
Rockwood Music Hall - Stage 3
New York NY
Call 212-477-4155      for more details

Saturday, June 14th 8:00pm
Center for the Arts of Homer
Center for the Arts of Homer
Homer NY
Call 607-749-4900  for more details

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