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Vance Does Rahway NJ, NYC, and The Voice!!

Hi All,
A few things:
The Voice:
They called me for an industry audition - read as audition but just a hair less than the cattle-call from the street. Sure, I'll do it, so wish me luck on next Tuesday June 10th. It'll be in front of producers, in Washington DC, so no, I will not meet Blake or Pharrell or Adam...They do want at least one number that was a hit in the last 5 years, and no originals. Caveats and rules abound. 3 songs. One must be sung to a pre-recorded track. Oh dear...
My line-up/set so far in my mind is:
1) A Change Is Gonna Come
2) All Of Me (John Legend's, done to a pre recorded track...oh no, no one else thought of that song eh?...)
3) ...something undecided...
Sure I'm taking suggestions. Lemme know what you think over on Facebook or here.
In the meantime, here's where I'll be playing:
Saturday 6/7 Rahway, NJ
The Loft at UCPAC
1601 Irving Street 
Rahway, NJ
This looks like a fun place!
Friday 6/13 NY NY
Rockwood Music Hall - Stage 3
196 Allen Street
New York, NY
Wow!! My NY album release show. Just come's the note from the booking manager of the club:
Hi ,
Who's the best person to speak with about promo for Vance's upcoming show at Rockwood? We have just a couple of tickets sold and want to see what we can do to help move the needle.
Help me make this note a non-issue - make this manager wish he'd never written it, will you? Looks like I'll have Stage 3 on Friday the 13th. That sounds wrong in a million ways. Superstitious? Then stay your crazy ass home!! Otherwise come out. I'll throw CDs on the table and you can pay what you want, like a rummage sale. 
Saturday, 6/14 Homer NY
Center for the Arts of Homer
72 South Main Street
Homer, NY
My second time playing here! I guess they liked me. Just south of Syracuse, it was a really enjoyable time!!
Come see me or tell someone else to!
New blog is up too, and oh I do go on about stuff...
Best luv, 


June 2014

Saturday, June 7th 8:00pm
The Loft at UCPAC
The Loft at UCPAC
Rahway NJ
Call 732-499-0441 for more details

Friday, June 13th 7:00pm
Rockwood Music Hall - Stage 3
Rockwood Music Hall - Stage 3
New York NY
Call 212-477-4155      for more details

Saturday, June 14th 8:00pm
Center for the Arts of Homer
Center for the Arts of Homer
Homer NY
Call 607-749-4900  for more details

more events