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Hi VanceFan!!

I'm heading West with the BaD Dog Buffet Tour. OK, it's 3 days it's a little tour... 3 days...OK, kind of a tour-lette:

Sat, June 28
Oak Park, CA
Russ & Julie's House Concerts
please contact Russ & Julie at
To RSVP, and for directions, please email:

I played the California Folk Alliance and folks liked me. For all intents and purposes, Russ & Julie run that folk conference, and decided they had to have me. And with their reputation, how could I say no? Get in touch with them for details, as they don't want just any-damn-body spooky people coming up their front steps!!  Yes I hear you: "then why are they having Vance?" Shush, you!!


Sun, June 29th
Santa Monica, CA
McCabe's Guitar Shop
3101 Pico Boulevard

Last time here I had a nearly full house doing a split night with Dan Navarro. This time I'm all by myself. It's a great place!


Here's the thing - I'm not really much of a draw out here in California/LA, so those of you on this scurrilous list that know someone out there, please give them a shout and tell them to come see me, will you??!!

Oh, and please tell me you watched enough 60s TV to get the subject line...   ;-)

Thanks and Best to You


June 2014

Saturday, June 28th 8:00pm
Russ & Julie Paris Residence
Russ & Julie Paris Residence
Oak Park CA
Call 818-707-2179 for more details

Sunday, June 29th 8pm
McCabe's Guitar Shop
McCabe's Guitar Shop
Santa Monica CA
Call 310-828-4497  for more details

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