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Hi VanceFan,


I got no PajamaParty till Monday 6/19 as I’ll be on an excursion thingy in Maine with Ellis Paul and Molly Venter. So I’ve nothing really new to push. I’m sitting here a day or so before I leave, minding a geriatric near-hospice Standard Poodle, thinking about if the leftover wings from yesterday will make it to the basketball game tip-off tonite, arranging background vocals in my head for the new album, clearing my docket to go to the basement and spend time with my model planes, catching up on donation checks to Somerville Cambridge Elder Services, Club Passim, and Second Chance Cars, and realizing that I have the greatest life.


Thanks for all the album donations, and a sideways wink to those that gave over 1K. You all clearly think I’m on to something.

Thanks to all the players, but special current thanks to Dennis Washington III for the Hammond organ parts that made Sam Margolis (Riverview Sound owner, engineer, co-producer) and I actually laugh squarely in each other’s faces with joy and wondrous amazement that my album now sounds like a bunch of heretofore lost Al Green tracks. So much for folk music airplay. Oh well. We still think I’m on to something.

Thanks to Johnny, my didactic genius bestie of 46 plus years, who thinks I’ve been on to something since 1975, for reminding uncertain mimic me that as an artist, not much actually springs from the brow of Zeus, and that it’s ok to not have invented lightning.

Thanks to my students/coaching clients who weekly remind me that I’m on to something.

Thanks to Anna ?? and Ms. ?? Bourne at the cardio lab at Brigham/MGH for looking over my aging pacemaker, celebrating my 3 to 5 miles 5 days a week of running, and so professionally reconfiguring Pacey P. McPacerstein to handle a quicker rate on these Arlington MA hills, all of us laughing so hard at my jokes till one of us surely peed (one of them is 8 months pregnant, so, it wasn’t me...)

Thanks to The Flying Aces Club and all our members. Some hobby, pffft. I do music to support that, sorry music.

To neighbor twins Nola and Georgia, who generally have zero to say to me, thanks, particularly to Georgia, who squatted down about an hour ago on their way home from school to give face to face affection to deaf, floor-pooping, no-back legs, nearly done Bessie as they went by, Nola in quiet affirmation.

If you wanna give something to the album fund still there’s time, and no matter what you give your name will end up on the inside cover. You can find addresses VenmoPal stuff elsewhere - really this note is not about that.

This is thank you. Thanks.