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Coming Up: Circle of Friends Coffeehouse (Franklin, MA)   Club Passim (Cambridge, MA)

Hi Ebbody!!

I have had a mess of successful shows and workshops throughout this month, even through football playoffs and crazy snowy cold. Thanks for that. People are actually pinging other people when I'm coming through - "Hey, I got his mailer, but I'm in East Belch...but he's coming to your neck of the woods…". Thanks for that.

Here's what's highlighted for this stretch…

Sat Jan 29, Franklin, MA
Circle Of Friends Coffeehouse

This is truly how Unitarian Church basement/activity room coffeehouse is done. To quote Dave Carter - "this is my home…." One of the first New England coffeehouses to have me in the early 90s. Get tickets beforehand as this place fills up pretty readily.

Saturday, January 29, 2011
Circle of Friends Coffeehouse
First Universalist Society Meeting House
262 Chestnut Street
Franklin, MA

Sat Feb 5, Cambridge, MA
Club Passim


What a ball this night will be. I hired Kevin Barry (guitarist for Paula Cole, Ray LaMontagne) to play with me this night, and I mean *play*. Kevin and I have a great time anytime we work together, and this night we'll have the *Kevo-meter Wheel* ready for usage. It works like this - I decide what tune of mine I'll play, Kevin will spin the wheel which will eventually land on one instrument or another, and that's what Kevin will play on that tune.

Sounds simple enough? Well, some of the instruments on the Kevo-meter Wheel may be, shall we say, not Kevin's usual cup of tea. Alongside his incredible guitar, slide guitar, and lap steel might sit a penny whistle, kids' xylophone, lyric sheet for singing, hand drum, a request to whistle, harmonica, etc…

In any case, get tickets early for this one, as Passim tends to be another one of those sell-out shows.

Saturday, February 05, 2011
Club Passim
47 Palmer Street
Cambridge, MA

Hey, thanks for listening and supporting live music,