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Vance takes on Cee Lo Green, as Bee Lo Blue!

Hi everybody,

If you're on this list, it's because you're a fan. I am confident you have at least an inkling of current pop culture, and that you've heard Cee Lo Green's smash hit "F**k You" (be aware, slightly explicit content):

everywhere from pop radio to Ellen DeGeneres to Colbert to - yes - "Glee". I felt it needed a response, and I've created a song/video called "Kiss My Ass":

Plus it was fun. No, it ain't folk music, and for the more provincial among you, "ass" is the most vile that I get.

It is showing signs of "going viral", even in the 12 hours I have had it up on YouTube. No, it ain't folk music, I won't tour the whole band, but sometimes you just gotta do music for the sake of that.....

Enjoy, send it to your friends that might "get it", Happy Holidays, and wish me luck,

Bee Lo Blue (aka Vance Gilbert)

p.s. stay tuned for a brand new