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resolution, race, and reality…

I’d like to thank everyone that Facebooked, Tweeted, contacted me thru my website, wrote me personally, wrote notes for me, called, stuffed notes in baggies through my door (Irene was raging and a neighbor wanted to make sure…) and just reached out to me in the last week. Your “co-indignation” around my recent travel event ( was both solace and fuel. 

There's a new rant on the site that wraps up this saga (or at least updates it) -

Listen to the new CD, "Old White Men" -

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"Old White Men" on iTunes -

Save the date for: Oct 14th Album Release/Birthday Bash (I'm the 11th) at the Arlington (MA) Theatre, where I will do the whole show without a sound system...just me, one spotlight , and a guitar...

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