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Ohio, Michigan, New York...I'll Be All Up In Your Town...

Hi VanceFans,

Well, yes, I seem to be selling a handful each day. That's hotcakes, isn't it? Thanks. It should be available at my website & CD Baby pretty much now, iTunes and Amazon in the next few days to a week or two.
Get yours here:

The VanceFunder is really closed now. Some of you crack me up, tho...hahahaha...all late to the party and stuff. I close the Funder and a bunch of late comers total another 1200 - 1300 dollars. That's my crowd. So appreciated - I'll be using it to pay the back-half of my publicity campaign.

Thanks again. 

Here's some upcoming shows to watch out for:

Tuesday, 3/4
Defiance College Schomburg Series
Defiance College Schomburg Auditorium
701 N Clinton Street
Defiance, OH
I'll bet this will be a fun gig! All I know about this city is that it features prominently in the first season of *Scandal* on ABC. I also know that I have my best friend from college and his family coming, which includes his daughter Maria, who will scream through the first part of each of her favorite songs. She's got CP, and it's her way of singing along with Uncle Vance. She also designed the "thank you" card that went out with all the VanceFunder premiums.
It'll be a fun night for us all, I promise...
Wednesday 3/5
The Ark
316 South Main Street
Ann Arbor, MI
The Ark has been so good to me over the years. This stellar performance hall is one of my midwest homes. There'l be a mess of model airplane buddies from the area attending, and you could meet them...Richard Thompson will be there the two previous nights, but I am a far, far cheaper ticket. That's a good thing, right?
Friday, 3/7
Towne Crier Cafe
379 Main Street
THIS IS THE NEW LOCATION!!!! I first opened for Aztec Two-Step and Tuck & Patti at the original Towne Crier in the early 90's, and Phil has had me back more times than either one of us want to try to remember. Come celebrate both my album release, and the cafe's relocation - the kitchen is amazing, including desserts from heaven. Just about one hour fifteen north of "the city".
Come see me somewhere, and tell someone else to go see me where they are when I come there (whew...mouthful..)
Go here for the new album BaD Dog Buffet, and for more info on all things Vance:
peace, -Vance