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Zig Zag Vance across Pennsylvania and NY...then Maine

Hi VanceFans,

Look at this crazy back and forth all across Pennsylvania drive schedule! I just got my oil changed, downloaded 2 new audiobooks (I bet you wanna know…) and put fresh air in my tires. No, not the Terry Gross kind, but air nonetheless:

Thurday, 6/13 Port Clinton, OH -
Friday, 6/14, Buffalo, NY - Baptist Manor Retirement Home - FREE -come..I play for the residents there- it’s a blast
Satday, 6/15 Pittsburghh, PA -
Sunday, 6/16 Croton-on-Hudson, NY
Satday, 6/22 Brownfield, ME,
They gave me my own show!!!!

What's cracking me up is the mess of people coming to the Baptist Manor Retirement Home on Friday in Buffalo to hear me do some of my stuff but probably a mss of old jazz, Motown, and whatever else. I love this gig, thanks Seamus, the residents and I have a great time, and they have absolutely killer snacks and cookies, particularly the vanilla creme wafers...Lawd Help me and my A1C that day!!! Come join me and lets have a blast - it is 2 in the afternoon, but hell, it is Friday.

Here’s some fillosofie for you. Parents. Be careful when you Facebook, Tweet, or otherwise take public and say “you’ve never birthed or raised kids, so you couldn’t know...” Particularly when there’s a teacher in your discussion. Look, we TAs (Trusted Adults) that have chosen or otherwise positioned ourselves to not have children should never be totally discounted in observations of child rearing. Sure, there’s the occasional know-it-all, all up in your Kool-Aid unaware of the flavor, but don’t reject us TAs totally out of hand like I've seen on the web recently.

We are often the ones they show their first artistic inclinations to.
We are often the ones your kids safely come out to when they are unsure of anyone else.
We are often the ones they come to first when there's drugs or alcohol involved. Often it’s our couch they are safely sprawled on with a bucket rather than driving.
We are often the ones they come to first when YOU have done drugs or alcohol.
They know us a judgement free place to be. Not that they don’t trust you, but they know we are totally without agenda or quid pro quo. And most times, guess what? After they have trial-run their thoughts and experiences in the open world, we give them the confidence and advice to take it all back to you.

Remember, WE were kids once too. We were parented, for better or for worse, once upon a time, and that memory stays.

Insert it take a village klee-shay here. Mi bambino, su bambino, if you need us.

Voice/songwriting/performance coaching, private parties, slot car driving instruction upon request.

The window for donating to the album is still just open if you want your name on the cover -, Vancefunder P.O. Box 17, Arlington, MA 02476. Any amount (I’ve seen $1) gets your name on the thing. Promotion and video time is coming and I’m leaving doors open for that. Thanks in adVance.