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7/13 The Guthrie Center - yes, Arlo's Church from Alice's Restaurant

Hi VanceFans!!

7/13 The Guthrie Center - Great Barrington, MA (scroll about 1/2 way down for my show)

Feel like a nice ride? About and hour from both Albany and Northampton, 2 1/2 from Boston, or 25 minutes from Tanglewood?

Get your tickets early as this place’s tickets sell copiously for the yearly Vance show. I’ll be playing a mess of stuff from my new album, and maybe a bunch of covers.


I am putting in the last of the names of donators into the artwork for this new album of mine, now called Good Good Man. I’m closing that door Thursday. I mean, you can still donate, but names past that day won’t make it to the CD cover. It had to happen sometime.

Still, this morning I am suddenly struck by the volume of names. Four pages worth. These are all people that have faith enough in what I am doing to actually donate to my idea of what might or might not be good, good music. The trust involved there makes me shake my head. Some have donated 3 dollars, some have donated 5,000. All are saying to me “Your music is good, so we want to be part of your new musical ideas. No matter what”. The trust involved there makes me blink and wonder, tingle with excitement, wring my hands in responsibility.

I have a rough of the video (I’ll have a full version of that in a week or so), artwork will be submitted later this week. Other money is earmarked for a Vance-excited publicist, and a radio promoter. I have Biff Kennedy on board as “project manager”, which basically means music manager for a defined stretch of time. This ball is rolling!!

I have raised $40,000 in donations from you. For me to make art. Thank you.

Jane Hallman will be working on the art in the coming days and weeks, and while she won't love the few straggler names that come in the week to come, she’ll roll her eyes and abide, dutifully putting every name of donator that gave me a single cent on this CD cover. Thanks Jane.

You can do that here: PayPal = Or VanceFunder. P.O. box 17, Arlington, MA 02476

When I get CDs printed up, you can have one. Or a download. Or you can buy it.

Aren’t you glad there’s no real way to post pictures, for there’d be some big heart hands right here.

Thank you.

Perfoirmance, voice, soingwriting coaiching, private parties, pig-latin movie reviews, custom woodcarving all available upon request.