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update on Roscoe, etc

Hi All,

Thanks for the unbelievable response to my call out for Short Notice Holiday Party (SNHP) work. I've got 6 certain and about that many more again tentatives for private parties!! There's still some dates open, but I'm happy to say that they're getting booked up fast!!

Roscoe is finally eating some, by hand, not out of the woods yet, and  coming home today. We're hoping for a liver that is not too damaged by all of this inflammation and such. Thanks for all the notes of encouragement, dog prayers, and especially for Monica, Wendy, and Lynn, vets that gave me e-counsel.

Now, a message for the incredibly wonderful gift offers of Anne, Susan, Robin, Jenny, Wanda, Reg & John, and others that may be asking. My bills are staggering, and your gift offers are beyond lovely. But I have means, thru my work, barter, trade, and doing what I do, to keep the wolf from the door. Massachusetts Veterinary Referral Hospital, where Roscoe is getting his care (and where I'd like to be taken when I'm ill, they are that good) has a "pot" or "fund" that they use to help defray medial costs for folks with sick pets with far lesser means than I.  I beg you, rather than send the opened checkbook check to me, shoot one to:

Pets In Need
c/o Massachusetts Veterinary Referral Hospital
20 Cabot Road
Woburn, MA 01801

They are NOT 5013c (ie they are a for-profit business) so unfortunately you cannot write it off, but they never turn a critically ill pet away, referral or no, and they are the greatest folks on the planet.

For me, you can come to a show, order a few extra CDs for stocking stuffers, and/or let me know you sent stuff to the address above.

Look, I know this is a "where's the music kinda list".  And you'll go to my blog for other thoughts on other things, or not. But I figured that this was about getting your Vance music fix on too, and helping make us all look true at Ghandi's quote:

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."



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