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In My Car I'm Going To Carolina (North, Richmond too)

Hi VanceFans:

Everybody knows somebody in North Carolina and Virginia, right? Maybe you even live there, right? Well then tell someone or come on out!!

To whet you VanceMusic appppetite, 2/18 Thursday I’ll be live on 98.1 The River in Asheville around 12 - 12:30pm.

...then later that evening...

2/18 Thursday Asheville NC
Isis Music Hall
743 Haywood Road
Asheville, NC

I can’t wait to play this place with the bravest of names. I’ve played Asheville for years, taught here too at the Swannanoa Gathering Song School, so I know there’ll be fans coming out. See you too Ross, right?


2/19 Friday Winston Salem, NC
Fiddle & Bow Society
Muddy Creek Music Hall
5455 Bethania Road
Winston Salem, NC

I’m not sure I can count the times I’ve played for the Fiddle and Bow Society. They keep having me back over these 25 odd years. Grateful, as they are fun people to play for.


2/20 Saturday Bolivia NC
Brunswick Community College / Virginia Williamson Event Center
50 College Road
Bolivia, NC

Holy smokes! Bolivia! Oh *that* one..What a relief... I don’t have to drive the rental car too far south. I have some fans on the NC water coast, so hopefully they’ll be at this show!! Yay!!

2/21 Sunday Richmond VA
Tin Pan
8982 Quioccasin Road
Richmond, VA

This is a brand new place that is purposely patterned after the Towne Crier in Beacon NY. I can’t wait to play here, however they currently have about 4 - 6 tickets sold, so tell your friends I’m coming to Richmond.


Yeah, I’m teaching, coaching, doing private parties for far less expensive than you might think. When I come thru, at your house, here at mine, Skype, all work. So there.

peace, vg