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Northampton Show Added to MA, Subdudes, Philly Area again, and Pete Seeger's Coffeehouse

Hi Vance Fhaanz!!

It’s spring. Yes, it is.You should have seen me playing tennis the other day. I was toddling for balls. OMG. To think I used to teach this game. Well, at least I have music...

Fri, Apr 22nd
Ryles Jazz Club
Cambridge, MA  
Special guest vocalist with the Lance Martin Band -
all jazz stuff with an old friend - last time we did this was 30 years ago!!


Sat, Apr 30
At The Tabernacle
Mt. Tabor, NJ
w/The Subdudes - who doesn’t love these guys? They even let me sing with them at the end of their shows!


FRI, MAY 13TH *****JUST ADDED Northampton, MA ******
Northampton, MA
My old home gig. Shawn Colvin saw me here and subsequently took me on the road to open her whole 1992 Fat City tour. Now look at me. All semi-famous and stuff.


Sat, May 14th
The Walkabout Clearwater Coffeehouse
Westchester, NY
I like to call this the Pete Seeger Coffeehouse. They are in the tradition, they have a great big group choral sing to open the evening, and this was Pete’s home coffeehouse. I think I’m their season closer


Thursday, May 19
Lansdowne Folk Club
Lansdowne, PA
OK Philly area folks that missed me at the Tin Angel? Didn’t get enough? Come to this sweet gig.


Sat, May 21st
Reading MA
Ivy Chord Coffeehouse
This is up the road from my house! C’mon over - uh, to the show, that is…

Yeah, teaching, private parties, and stuff. Lemme know what you wanna do.

Peace, xo  vg